Shenmue 3 Monaco Magic Highlight’s

Shenmue 3 Monaco Magic Convention  2016

Event Organised


Cedric Biscay

Highlights / Q & A 

(Translations by Yokosuka)

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Q & A Q & AQ & A

Q & A

Shenmue 2 Bailu Village comparison shots  (Dreamcast vs Unreal Engine 4)

Shenmue 3 comparison Shots

Shenmue 2 Comparison Outside Shenmue Tree

Shenmue 2 Comparison


Shenmue 3 Sketches/ Drawing Board


Shenmue 3 Sketches

Shenmue 3 Sketches

Shenmue 3 Sketches Three


Day and Night System in Shenmue 3


Shenhua’s House

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