Shenmue 3 Poll Vote to include KS rewards to (Slacker Backer Campaign)

The Slacker Backer campaign, in which the budget for Shenmue III continues to be raised through PayPal until December 31st.

More than just raising awareness of the cause however, the fans descending upon Twitter found an additional way to steer the fate of this final round of crowdfunding. Ys Net themselves launched a poll seeking the blessing of their supporters to add backer rewards to the PayPal campaign that had previously been available only through Kickstarter.

With the Slacker Backer option being introduced later in response to fan demand, Ys Net had listed certain rewards as “Kickstarter exclusives” rather than “crowdfunding exclusives”, inadvertently binding themselves to these semantics when preparing the list of rewards for PayPal backers.

Of course it makes the most sense to treat all backers equally regardless of the platform they donated on, but this poll was required in case Kickstarter participants felt strongly in favor of clinging to the literal definition, rather than the spirit, of the initial reward descriptions and depriving their PayPal counterparts of the same rewards.

Overwhelmingly the fan base voted in the most Shenmue way possible, in selfless support of the community and the greater good of the game. Thanks to the actions of these fans on the 3rd, the PayPal campaign will be strengthened on this final stretch towards the deadline, heightening the chances of reaching one more stretch goal before Shenmue III crowdfunding is laid to rest.



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