Shenmue 3 Might Need To Be Delayed


We all can say the reveal of the latest Shenmue III trailer at Magic Monaco 2019 Shenmue 3 is starting to mould in to the game we have come to expect from the series, noticeably keeping to the same level of attention to detail and visually feeling like a Shenmue game.



Finally started to see how Ryo Hazuki will interact with other (None Role Playing Characters). Also seeing the mundane reality of every day life that we have experienced in previous Shenmue games.



We also got see for the first time fully voiced Japanese sequence’s that strikingly feels like Shenmue III will indeed be a direct continuation from previous games with the same aesthetics which we are accustomed to as fans of the series and the repetitive, investigating nature mainly how Ryo Hazuki goes about interacting with the many new characters in his quest to find more information on the mirrors and the person who murdered his farther.



We even got a first glimpse of the (Battle System in Shenmue 3) and the many martial arts training scenes which briefly showed how Shenmue 3 will have it’s own spin and unique way of leveling-up in Shenmue III compared to previous games as both Shenmue and Shenmue 2 which have taken a different experimental approach to martial arts training, it would appear Shenmue 3 will be no different, so really a lot to look forward to.



Even the music is on-par and what to expect from Shenmue 3 overall a nicely rounded trailer. We can all rest assured that Shenmue 3 is shaping into a game we have been dreaming to play since the ending of Shenmue II.


However: there are some concerns regarding character animations and lip-dub syncing and how Ryo Hazuki the main protagonist in the Shenmue series is not looking as polished compared to (Shenhua and Lan Di) some fans are pointing out the body proportions and his overly-veined hands and feeling off about the main character, saying: “He’s got an uncanny-valley look about him” it’s difficult to say if this final model being used or place holder as some fans have pointed out different versions in other trailers and screenshots that we have seen over the months.



It is without question the game and trailer have stated the game is still in development and subject to change and might improve until it’s release later during the year on August 27th.



However: it still a concern for Shenmue fans that lip-dub syncing and character animations should be polished in time for the game release. My concern is if the game not ready should we allow a delay for more time to be worked on to fine tune and polish the game main development issue’s which are present in the trailer?



To be honest I am going to say that Ysnet Team should delay the game for maybe extra month or two because this is also the year that Shenmue will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary released on (29th December 1999) I think this would be far more fitting time to release the game than say the summer and give the game much needed head room if it is indeed needed.


I know we are all dying to get our hands on the game we have waited a long time as it is… but if the game not ready, it’s simply not ready.


It’s not like we haven’t seen any progress, we have seen tons of progress! trailers and the many screenshots and interviews about the game – I think as fans we might need to be more patient just in-case more time is needed and to be finally ironed-out, for me facial expressions and lip-dub syncing of high concern which needs to be fixed.


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