Shenmue 3 Update – Time To Be Worried?

Statement from Bertie Wiseman regarding TVGS latest Podcast video:

As much as we should keep Shenmue 3 in positive light also being a backer for the game and many others for Shenmue 3. I think being honest and direct about current development what we have been shown so far and no E3 showing this year.

The backers who have contributed funding towards the game and the many fans have a right to be concerned, especially after many Kickstarter projects have not always lived up to fans expectations such as “Mighty Number 9” also seeing many fans myself included which have gone above the call of duty promoting Shenmue 3 and it’s development.

We know the game is in safe hands however it’s getting towards the point where snippets and samples of game progress after 2 years is leaving many fans feeling frustrated.

I am allowing TVGS PODCAST to have their say on the current development of Shenmue 3 and what we have currently been shown.

Join James as he shares his thoughts on the recent Shenmue 3 kickstarter update. This month we got a glimpse of a new character within the series and the process in which they develop the models.

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