Shenmue: 70 Man Battle

Shenmue 70 Man Battle

No matter how many times I play Shenmue (70 Man Battle Mode) will always be one of the great highlights.

While taking part in the 70 Man battle competition in 2013 came in 4th even though I did not win,  came in with an impressive time of (04.39.30).

I new from the last saved records on the “Shenmue Passport”  which you could view on the Dreamcast when connected it to the internet back in 2000, I would definitely of been classed in the top 100 in the world on the Shenmue Passport Leader board for the 70 Man Battle Mode..


What I find interesting about 70 Man Battle?

Is the use of fighting technique’s and the combination that fascinate me for some reason or another, yeah I could of just spammed crawling cyclone,what is the point in that if your not going to use skill and put on decent show and not  fight properly to win and come in at a good time the legit way.

Really glad this competition took place and had the opportunity to replay Shenmue (70 Man Battle Mode) it  really is good and amazing fun, shame there are no real games like it today.


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