Shenmue Collective Round 2

Shenmue Collective Round 2

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Shenmue Family, the FINAL COUNTDOWN is here!

We decided to add another round to our event/contest till the end of the Kickstarter project! Ready for round 2? Get involved and be part of our campaign, incoming world record!

This time, our big friend from Germany Moritz Engel generously donated his copy of Shenmue for the good cause! Thanks! It will be signed by the one and only Corey Marshall (English voice actor – Ryo Hazuki, main character Shenmue) ! Thank you Corey!

Also we would like to thank Brendon Blackshaw ! He will create an awesome fully exclusive fan-made, hand-crafted Ryo Hazuki miniature’ (

Our last prize is for all of you guys! You are all WINNERS! Every Vine/Video/Picture will get a special place on our ‘Kickstarter memorial website’, which we will create after the campaign!

Guys, 35 hours on the clock! Are you ready to create some Epic Shenmue awareness once more?!


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