Shenmue Fans & Staff that made the Community Possible

Shenmue Fans & Staff that made the Community Possible


Ys net sends out message thanking a fan.

I would just like to point out that it was not one person or community group that made Shenmue 3 possible but many fans and their contributions let us not forget all the hard work that has gone into this campaign especially from Shenmue500K members, ShenmueDojo and ShenmueMaster and the staff behind all these groups.

I would just like to give shout out all those who worked hard over the years in making this dream come true.

Andy Stinton

Social Media Specialist and Original Group Leader and Founder of Shenmue500K including facebook group


Sega Social Media Campaigns 

@DeathWishRyo / @Shenmue500K / @SegaWhisperer

Bertie Wiseman

Website Administrator / site owner:  

Founder of Dreamcast Reloaded Campaign

Dreamcast Reloaded Group – (Click Here)

Corey Marshall – 500K member – Voice Actor for Ryo Hazuki

Lisle Wilkerson – 500K member – Voice Actor for Shenmue Characters (Joy,Xiuying and Yuan)

Ben Plato –  Our Very Own Private On The Web

Ramon Guzman Shenmue 500k Staff – Comic Book Artist / Graphics Designer

Norris Girdy – Shenmue500K Staff – Writer and his theories behind Shenmue

Joshua Carmichael & JJ EON Flores – Shenmue500K Staff – Peace Keeper’s 

Bryan Figueroa – Shenmue500K staff –

This guy main motivation behind Shenmue community always encourage others to take part spreading news and pinning posts

Samy Mallek – Shenmue500K Staff, Graphics artist and Music Composer

Fintan Bourke – 500k member – Graphic Designer 3D modeler and Animator

Corey Parker – 500K Member – Graphic Designer 

Ricardo Valverde – 500K member – Graphic Designer video editor

Adam Sipione 500K member – Film Maker, Video Editor

Esppiral – 500K member- 3D modeler and Animator bringing to life Shenmue 

NoconKid – 3D Graphic Artist and Animator video editor

Bertie Wiseman – Shenmue500K Staff – Webmaster site owner of,Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Writer.

Benitez & E’s Poem – 500K Members- keeping the group alive funny posts and comments

David Brown Shenmue500K Staff –  Programmer, Graphic Artist.

Mary Pena – Shenmue500K member – VBlog and Tomato News 

Zimming & Yama the Masters behind

 Staff behind ShenmueMaster.FR are as followed: Shendream, Trent and Kenji Seang

Contributing the many  Yu Suzuki interviews they had over the years.

Also the Staff at SegaNerds – have done awesome job lately with the Shenmue voice actor podcasts.

These are just few of the people who have worked hard on Shenmue let it be known it’s also everyone taking part in the groups and on twitter and being heard on the 3rd of each month when every Shenmue fan tweets out #SaveShenmue

500K Translator

Shenmue500K Tweets

PayPal Donations can be found here (Please Click on the Image Below)