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During this very important time for Shenmue I’d like to point out that it was the community as a whole that made Shenmue III entirely possible. Due to the efforts seen across multiple community outlets we are closing in on something we’ve all desired for over a decade. The Shenmue community is as powerful as it is passionate, backing up our words with a record breaking pledge.

It is because of this we’d like to focus on bringing our efforts together as one. We may all have our preferred outlet for information or discussion, but that shouldn’t create a barrier.

Instead it provides us with options and multiple targets for important campaigns, discussion and more.
We’re proud to support our friends at Team Yu and Shenmue 500K, who have both been incredibly vocal towards the resurgence of Shenmue. Through combined efforts, we look to make the message of ‪#‎SaveShenmue‬ and other campaigns louder and clearer than ever before. Look forward to hearing more about any future community events right here in our news section direct from the source. In addition, you may visit either outlet by clicking the corresponding links right on our index page. The same love and care will be given in return to any important Dojo created content that need be widespread.
Let’s come together as one and continue to save #SaveShenmue!

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