Shenmue Documentary by (Adam Sipione)

Congrats to the team behind the Shenmue Documentary, which has been receiving great publicity whilst still in production. This week IGN, one of the very biggest gaming sites around, has picked up on the story:…/shenmue-the-documentary-is-currently-in-th…

Adam Sipione (pictured right) and his crew have been travelling across North America, with hopes to venture further afield, interviewing dedicated fans and cast members of the ground breaking game that Adam says inspired him to become a film maker.

Voice actors Corey Marshall (pictured left, voice of Ryo), Lisle Wilkerson (Joy, Xiuying, Yuan), and Michael Naishtut (Delin) have all been involved in the project, which seeks to explore the appeal of a series that remains unfinished after a decade and a half of unwavering demand, and its lasting effect on those who long to ‪#‎SaveShenmue‬.

Thirsty work, as Corey will tell you:


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