Shenmue GDC Postmortem (Aftermath)

Article From:03/19/2014


Shenmue 500K Aftermath

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Shenmue GDC Postmortem Aftermath

That was exciting but at the same time I cannot express how badly disappointed I felt by  the end of it…

We did learn allot about the beginnings of Shenmue how it  went from a Sega Saturn title to ending up being developed on the Dreamcast, The project started out  code named “grubby”  was originally a (Virtual Fighter RPG) intended to be a Saturn game but Yu decided that it would best to start development on the  next console successor which is Dreamcast, original code name: Katana.

Yu Suzuki forsaw that the Dreamcast would eventually  succeed the Saturn and become commercially best suited for the game. The project  was rebooted and now with the new code name “Berkeley” which would then be later revealed  to be:  Shenmue.

There was allot of talk about how Shenmue was “coded and  scripted” and how a new compression data-format technology became available that made Shenmue possible it was said it would take approximately (50 GD-Roms)  to store all the data that was gathered for the game including all chapters, if the  compression technology was not available at this point in time.


These are the images from the postmortem.

shenmue-sega-chapturesThree Key WordsConcept-art-for-akirachi


Over all the postmortem was short lived and felt like allot of the key detail’s about Shenmue where brushed over but the audience was allowed to ask Yu Suzuki some questions.

Thankfully someone did pop the one question we have been so eager to find out: What is the future of Shenmue 3?

YU Suzuki laughed so did the audience, he spoke but for some reason the translator Mark Cerny left and was replaced with a woman, who only muttered 3 words: “Dot Dot Dot”.

It has been confirmed and translated that Yu said he is eager to continue the story and would like to find a platform to finish Shenmue Saga.

Over all  post-mortem was short, I was expecting something more from it, but there is still hope, it was confirmed there will be another postmortem  on the development of Shenmue II, when who knows…?

I find this unexpected I was hoping all would be revealed in this current Post-mortem, it would appear we have only had a glimpse what actually went into making of Shenmue saga.

In recent news

I said all will be revealed in way it was…

We found out Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny are looking for a publisher possible investors, Yu Suzuki  would very much like to complete his story to Shenmue.

We learnt the very foundations of the first shenmue game.

We might of been disappointed with deflections of Shenmue 3 Question…

But Shenmue Fan, managed to find the answer’s we needed to know.. here his write up on his blog

Yes Shenmue 3 is a possibility it’s not set in concrete just yet, but yes things are moving forward, if Yu Suzuki  and Mark Cerny find a publisher this will be the last hurdle for Shenmue 3.

Still do not give up!!!!


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