Shenmue HD – Confirmed for Consoles & Steam at Sega Fes 2018

Honestly I am in shock with the sudden announcement of Shenmue HD at Sega Fes 2018 – totally caught me off guard hell was it worth staying up all night to watch it.



John Clark the Director of Sega Europe came dressed on to the Sega Fes stage in a Ryo Hazuki Jacket from Shenmue series to publically announce Shenmue HD along with woman dressed in the same clothes as Shenhua – So far what I can tell – Shenmue HD Remasters will be available for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC and can clearly be seen and confirmed all ready to see on Steam as it can be viewed on the Steam Store Page.



Shenmue HD is now on Steam believe or not!!!

Shenmue HD is now on Steam believe or not!!!


John Clark Sega Europe Director

John Clark Sega Europe Director looking hansom in the same Jacket as Ryo Hazuki.


Honestly I am incredibly stoked that once again we have managed to turn around and do the impossible and that SEGA truly are listening to they’re fans.


We can finally cross-off Shenmue HD among other games we have requested with our joint partnership with Bertie Wiseman and his Dreamcast Reloaded Multi Purpose Gaming Proposal.





Dreamcast Reloaded - Japanese Version

Dreamcast Reloaded – Japanese Version – we can finally cross this off our proposal!



We certainly showed with enough dedication and optimism never given up and believing in something.. one day they might become a reality.



Why I go under motto at Dreamcast Reloaded

“Helping to Make Sega Dreams a Reality”



Shenmue HD was not only excitement from Sega Fes 2018 which was held in the heart of Tokyo, SEGA have also been listening to the many die-hard SEGA fans wanting an ‘Official Console’ from SEGA not something emulated, SEGA have responded… Check out this Mega-Drive mini version of the console… SEGA have certainly delivered in that department.



Mega Drive Mini - Announced at Mega Fes 2018

Mega-Drive Mini – Announced at Sega Fes 2018


I would like say: ‘Dreams have indeed come true for many Shenmue and Mega-Drive fans, they have been clanging on for ages for something that is Official from Sega and not 3rd party based. I said this all in a interview with The Gaming Ground, honestly some what surprised the games we have requested which also talked about in that interview have finally come true – that I was right all along with the direction and the path we needed to take with the Multi-Purpose Proposal correct way to go about it even though we have managed to cross one game off so far we can celebrate this achievement.



There are still many more Sega Dreams to achieve lets keep on pushing see how many more Sega Dreams we can make a reality….



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