Shenmue I & II HD Re-masters will not have Passport or online functions

I would just like to be clear and honest this is great news and awesome way for new comer’s to experience Shenmue continuity wise before release of Shenmue III which will happen in the future on unknown and non-preset date in 2019.


Most are aware that SEGA will be releasing Shenmue I & II on the 21st August, coming to consoles and Steam. There are technical specifications the game will and will not have as part of the ports, but this article will be covering the absence of the “Shenmue Passport” and the “Online Functions”.


Some might argue be on the fence that we should not be critical about Shenmue I & II, to a degree I can see argument behind this, that we should just be happy that Sega will be porting the game, which is fine.


However: The Dreamcast fan-boy within me and what early 2000 means to me as a gamer is what sold me at the time and future Sega was offering with ‘Online Functions’ via many online games and ‘Dream Key CD’, I cannot help feel disappointed that we will not be seeing these functions as the main bulk of the port’s and missing some of the content the ‘Shenmue Passport CD’ was offering.



I wont argue some of this content might not be that relatable or needed but from heritage and historical point of view,  new fans will miss out on one of Shenmue key features and functions. New gamers will not be able explore this part gaming history via the new digital ports might have to chase them down via-other means either getting old busted warn out Dreamcast or experience them via emulators.


I have been told recently that maybe due to the handling of porting Shenmue which is unknown as this stage if the game will largely be from ‘source code’ or ‘pre-built emulator by Sega’ – I honestly don’t know if they could not fit this in due to claims about weird-coding so rather just leave this open ended until more information is released.



Then fine just have to learn to deal with that, but still… I would like to cover this topic get it across maybe in the future Sega would re-visit and possibly come up with some way to bring the online functions to Shenmue I & II ports to PC and Consoles as extra feature.



Honestly think it’s a massive shame I got to experience what it was like back in 2000 with Shenmue. I think would be awesome experience Shenmue in it’s entirety via the online functions and add massive amount of replay value to the game instead of just playing like a ‘Life is Strange Game’ and be done with it, to me: Online function was part of that package.


The mini-games namely the many Sega Titles you could play in Shenmue as optional extra’s to kill time, until next in game story event. The way I see it and looking back on early 2000 – Shenmue in a way, was celebrating part of it’s own history via arcade scene from 1980’s and could say 90’s perspective as well. The Arcade scene is a big part of SEGA’S DNA to this day still involved in creating arcade games all this reflected throughout Shenmue no question about it.



Recently went to the Isle of Wight for a holiday Sega being advertised all over the island – I got to play Sega Really 3 at Holiday Park I was staying at, managed to complete all racing stages and beat my times to boot. I had allot fun playing it because being competitive and like to challenge myself is also part being Sega Gamer.



Being involved Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transform scene over the years which has just been shown recently to be most downloaded SEGA game on Steam.


You are probably wondering why bring this game up? Well.. The simple reason is that this game just like many older Sega game titles and Arcade games are all based on: High Scores, Time Attacks, Rankings from games like – House of the Dead, Sega Rally, Crazy Taxi, Super Hang ON, Space Channel 5, After Burner










Not forgetting back in the day you could take your VMU memory card to the arcade play your ghost cars in F355 Challenge are just a selection of Sega games and there success was all based on competitive gaming experience.



I am aware leader-boards and some games and well known gaming celebrities have put a bad light on this part of the gaming community and cheaters recently especially with Billy Mitchell cheating in Donkey Kong using “Mame Emulator” to try and trick people into thinking he was playing via-arcade cabinet. These are small issue’s and probably only make up about 1% of anyone online experience. I wont lie… it does create drama and controversy, but then again what doesn’t these days. I don’t see why a small minority and narcissist tendencies from a select few and those who are separate and apart from that – who do enjoy a challenge and improving their own personal achievement and bragging rights go with it.


Billy Mitchell King of the Cons – Don’t care what you say he would make epic 80’s villain.


It might be unavoidable however it can be managed, I am probably bit of hypocrite for saying any of this being involved with my own drama after befriending someone who caused quiet a storm at a game for there antics. However: I would not change who I am, and the people I choose to be part of my circle of close friends with anyone… especially if I cannot see any bad in them as a person, actually bring something new into your life but from that experience in my case playing battle of lesser of two evils, sacrifices were made no doubt about that but I have no regrets on my decision.


I know Sega gamers are really passionate about leader-boards, Ranks and Time Attacks. I have seen allot awesome things over the years  and what these guys and girls do when taking part in them. They are big part Sega community that never get much attention but only ‘Stick’ for being too awesome and amazing for what they do for having unbelievable skills and talents.


I just hate the fact that casual players who don’t want to put in the effort or put off by steep learning curves by proxy will sideline this part of the Sega community.


Not to include leader boards as part Shenmue ports even if it may have been from technical issue… but if it’s not…

Please do something about it: SEGA you would be adding so much replay value to  the Shenmue ports.


Coming from me personally: it might sound being a’bit bitchy about it, I like to think I am not and talking from pure passion and love and thrill of taking on challenge pushing yourself is also big part being Sega Gamer. I would really like to see maybe in the future if this could be patched in to the new ports or in some form of leader-boards and online functions, not just for me but for all those gamers who love a challenge who can really get the most out of Sega games and those who put the most investment in to them.


Sorry for that long rant: I needed to get this off my chest just get this across there is wide-spectrum of gamers who don’t get the attention they deserve for being ‘super try hard’s’ doing stuff bordering the impossible the insane and sometimes crazy and just for being awesome, sometimes they can only express how awesome they are via-leader boards, ranks and time attacks or just sharing there achievements within a closed group of friends. So for me it is rather a big deal that something like that should be part of Shenmue experience.


Anyway watch me kick some ass and get under 5 minutes in 70 Man battle without spamming or using crawling cyclone.

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