Shenmue III a Wude awakening – Does the game need further time?

Being as unashamedly biased a Shenmue fan as I could possibly be, it’s sometimes hard to look at the cold reality. But there can be said, that there may be a few things that may need some work.


Such things as expressions and animations. Things which can be fixed, but nevertheless something which will be picked upon by rabid critics and haters alike.



While we are very confident, that these issues will all be sorted, here’s the BIG question.. Would you as a fan, having waited a considerable amount of time already, allow for more of a timeframe to make Shenmue III? I say this, as we’ve all waited a long time, BUT now we can see clearly that the game storywise at the very least, looks like what most fans wanted.


If we take a look at the vast improvements made from the last twelve months, we can only assume that the option of another final twelve and a delay till August or December 2020, would get Shenmue III close to the tier of AAA title that many are expecting.


Now we aren’t aiming to cause trouble and we are just throwing this out there to discuss. As of current, there has been no official update as to what we ourselves are suggesting.


We just think, bearing in mind the remarkable job the team are obviously doing and the sheer scale of what they are aiming to bring to the fans, maybe we should be more realistic in helping them also.


As said in a previous article, Shenmue is a AAA series, but Shenmue III will not be a AAA game, in terms of budget. Many also in the media, are being very irresponsible, when they target the game, not bearing this fact in mind. A few sites we could perhaps aim fire at.. Ko..



Just a personal view, but I feel we should be open to the possibility of a final delay, if it meant delivering the game we all want. It’s nearly there, we can see that from the recents pictures and trailers. But there’s just a concern as to the sheer size of the task the team have taken on. Whether it’ll be rushed, due to trying to achieve or even exceed fan expectations.



For a comparable example, take a look at SEGA’s attempts at trying to recreate the first game from scratch and the massive problems that they encountered. Then step back again and think that this small team are aiming to deliver a third game, with the original qualities even New SEGA couldn’t achieve.


Remember, the Shenmue III team, aside from having Sony at the helm with marketing, don’t have the luxury that others have had and will have, with producing their titles. <Cough> The Yakuza series <Cough> Witcher 3 <Cough> The Grand theft auto series  <Cough> Red Dead Redemption 2 – You get the idea..



Not in any way suggesting any of the tiles mentioned are undeserving of praise or the funds they had, rather we should recognise that Shenmue III does NOT have the same luxury that these games have had. The one BIG advantage Shenmue III does have, is that it has the genius of Yu Suzuki behind it.



A team also consisting of the talents of Takayuki Nakamura (VGM composer), Corey Marshall and Masaya Matsukaze (back as Western and Japanese Ryo respectively) and NoconKid, the same talent who produced those brilliant Shenmue HD mock ups ages ago.


Just to name a few, of some of the good people on board. And if anyone can pull this thing off, then it’s most certainly Suzuki and his team.



(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo

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