Shenmue III at  Reboot Develop Blue – Gaming Conference 2019

At the recent Reboot Develop Blue 2019 event, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we were treated to yet more new images from Shenmue III.


A quick summary from some of the released images includes:

Interesting changes such as the ability to exchange prizes and tokens for skill books.

And a nice retro feel inventory system, incorporating the older series look.



The forklift is back, so thus we can all expect Ryo to go full Keanu Reeves “Speed” on Lan Di’s ass..

And of course more “The Joy of Crates” with added hairy person illustrations.


We can see examples of a pawn shop and exchange point owner, adding a different slant to the previous game’s use of trading items.

The NPC shown has a bit of a Christopher Walken face going on, but is nothing out of the unusual.

All pretty much as expected.




Now to the three main images, as we’ll call them.

One, has Ryo standing in front of a pawn shop and prize exchange.

Likely both will come to be important to gain new skill books later in the game.

Ryo is also looking very smart and retaining Dreamcast era vibes within the model.


Here you can see the Prize Exchange area and the Pawn Shop


Two, has what will be, we assume the new You Arcade, Hi-Tech Land Panda.

Possibly a reference to SEGA’s Hi-Tech Land of the same name?

We can make out the QTE TITLE machine near the entrance and the returning capsule toy machines on the outside.

The Ryo model again looking we feel, pretty impressive.

This time, the lighting is noticeably well done.


The video arcade. Check out the retro games!


Three and the final image, maybe the most impressive.

We see Ryo in third person view walking along a crowded scene.

The lighting again looks very good and accentuates the night scene.

Feeling a lot of vibes from Shenmue II’s Aberdeen here and this familiarity should bode well.

This image in particular, gives a real feel of what it will be like in-game.


Ryo Hazuki Walking in a China Town


So, of the latest images released, we’re seeing more of the in-game environment, incorporated with Ryo’s model.

The game is being brought to life now and we can certainly visualise playing it, something we never would’ve thought possible years ago.




The Shenmue fan community has been defined by a steely determination and persistence, a defiant belief and an unswaying resolve.

Much like the efforts of the fan community, the Shenmue III team is overcoming the odds and finding a way to succeed.

To any doubters, we encourage all to wait and play the game first before any negative targeting.


By many of the recent screenshots, we can see that huge strides and advances have been made. And it is very clear, that the team and everyone involved, are trying their very best to deliver the best Shenmue III they can. With the limited resources at their disposal and odds against them, the Shenmue III team should be applauded for what they are most definitely achieving, the realisation of a fifthteen year old dream for many fans.

Delivering a AAA title without a AAA budget is certainly a big ask, but it is clear that everything is being done to try and meet the expectations of all.

We should all be greatly encouraged by how well Shenmue III is progressing and how far we have all come as a fanbase.



(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo

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