Shenmue III Delayed and Pre-Alpha Game Footage from THQ NORDIC

It’s been interesting last few days finding out that ‘Deep Silver’ and ‘YSNET’ have both decided to hold back Shenmue III release date which was scheduled for the second half of 2018 and now delayed for unannounced release sometime set in 2019 when official release date will be announced is anyone guess…


However… This probably could not be more timely, especially with the recently Shenmue I & II Definitive Additions coming to consoles and Steam at some point this year which will give new comers time to get used to Shenmue series find out why long die-hard fans are passionate about Shenmue Saga hopefully make some new fans long the way.


What I can see from pre-order sales so far Shenmue is topping pretty much all charts even out doing God of War! We could possibly put this down to many fans probably buying both copies to ensure Shenmue is monumental success or maybe gamers and Shenmue influence and it’s legacy on the Dreamcast and XBOX had left ever lasting impact that finally gamers can finally experience Shenmue in its entirety across multiple platforms.


Shenmue pre-orders beats God of War


It could not be better time really for Shenmue III… What was stated in last KickStarter update this will give YSNET team more time to work more on Shenmue III and fine tune and polish the game to a standard we should all expect which will ensure quality all round.


Recently at THQ Nordic the company that recently bought out Deep Silver has recently revealed some screen shots at the yearly business event.


Check this footage out that we have not seen from pre-Gamecom 2017 trailer and pre-alpha of 2018 build.

Please don’t jump the gun and remember Shenmue III is continually being updated and subject to changes during it’s course of development we have no idea how much is under wraps what might be removed or changed over the Shenmue III development cycle.


Deep Silver Pre Alpha comparison shots THQ Nordic 2018

Deep Silver Pre Alpha comparison shots THQ Nordic 2018


Pre alpha footage little girl in red big fat man in green and ryo hazuki kneeling down 2018

THQ Nordic pre alpha footage of a girl in red and Ryo Hazuki back turned showing his jacket

Girl in red waving back to Ryo Hazuki 2018 Pre Alpha footage THQ Nordic 2018

THQ Nordic Shenmue Latest Screenshots of Ryo Hazuku and Shenhua 2018

Nordic THQ Pre Alpha Footage of Shenhua and Ryo Hazuki 2018

Slide show image detailing wing chun wooden dummy with Ip man demonstration image


Even though this all great news, win all round… but still, seeing Shenmue III is possibly another year away in development since 2015. We should start seeing very soon actual Game-Play. Possibly fine tuned trailers that will be vast improvement that was shown at Gamecom 2017 and Magic Monaco 2018 even with this news. I still think we should possibly hold out for a new trailer at this years E3 and this years Gamecom event for more news on Shenmue III – I would be honestly surprised if they did choose to skip these big events.


Not just that either… Many that backed the game ‘Super Backers’ have yet to here back on there Rewards and when they will be shipped. We could guess probably happen with the release of Shenmue III. Seeing there is no information as of yet and how this will be handled. Shenmue 3 being delayed yet again some reassurance for the Super Backers would go along way gaining there confidence back.


Over all I am not surprised with the latest updates the current development

“Rome was not Built in a day” and “rushed game is forever bad” but “delayed game is forever good.”


Shenmue III coming 2019

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