Shenmue Interactive Novel by Esspiral and Shensun

Hey Shenmue fans. So over the last few months, ShenSun and the amazing Esppiral have been working together on a special project. We originally planned to reveal it back in June but chose to delay it as Shenmue 3 was announced. Never saw that coming lol.

This next project is the second installment to the Shenmue Visual Novel series and promises to be a million times better.



shensun esspiral logoWithout further delay, ShenSun and Esspiral would like to present to you all…..

shenmue gaiden title

Shenmue Gaiden


Title : Shenmue Gaiden
Platform : PC/????
OS: Windows XP/7/8 / ????
Release date : 2016 / (Demo 2015)
Game Type: Visual Novel
Story: Non-Cannon. (This is a fan made game. Do not take the story seriously. It’s something we threw together and does not represent the actual Shenmue story at all.)

All images are a work in progress. Expect massive improvements as the year goes on.


shenmue cover hardcopy




Shenmue Gaiden will be a spin off story and take place just before Ryo reaches Shen Hua’s house in Guilin. A second plot based in Hong Kong will also be included.

After walking through the beautiful forest of Guilin for hours, Ryo and Shenhua finally reach their destination. This brief moment of peace is quickly interrupted as the pair are approached by a young girl begging for help. The Xiangjin village has been attacked by a woman dressed in red and group of men wearing black suits. Ryo and Shenhua make their way to the village to investigate. What sort of danger awaits them?

After being defeated by Ryo and his friends, Dou Niu and Yuan are determined to get revenge. They team up with an old foe and seek out the Heavens and Xiuying within Hong Kong.


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