Shenmue Poll Domination

Article Date: 05/14/2014


Shenmue Hype train Choo choo!!!

Once again “Shenmue” comes out on “Top” on the Toonami Facebook poll where they ask what games people like, sadly the presenter’s did not feel Shenmue deserved the top-spot even though they are entitled to their opinion, they could of respected the fan base and asked why there is such a following and why it came out on top but anyway “Shenmue” WON that’s all that matters .


This time Shenmue is winning a different kind of poll regardeless any poll that features Shenmue dominates no matter what, only cure make (Shenmue 3), hell even if Shenmue 3 comes out people would still want another Shenmue related game, check out these results on another website indicatiing what people are getting hype for at this year 2014 E3 Game Show:


E3 2014: Big Third Party Xbox One Exclusive Could Be: Cyberpunk 2077 or Shenmue 3?

Shenmue Poll Vote

Shenmue is dominating once again in the polls yet again shenmue fever is still alive and kicking :

Shenmue Winning Polls

Team Yu Latest News 

X-One Magazine has formally announced the runaway winner of its recent “most wanted” poll, with Shenmue III blitzing the competition with 47% of all votes.

These results will also be published in the new issue of the magazine, released in the UK the same day as the Shenmue Postmortem at GDC – next Wednesday, March 19th.

Thanks to all who voted!

shenmue wins poll

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Shenmue fans, Shenmue needs you…. get  voting and get over to this website to show the world we mean business and nothing can stop crazy fans supporting legendary game Shenmue.

Competition has now ended guess what Shenmue Won

shenmue wins again

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