Shenmue & the Dreamcast and The Intertwined fate

It was in 2015 the impossible happened Shenmue 3 confirmed at the E3 Game show held by Sony brought together by “Yu Suzuki of YS NET” & “Cedric Biscay of Shibuya Productions“, “Adam Boye’s” & “Gio-Corsi” – (Sony 3rd Party Development Division).

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In 2015 there was a huge spike in (Dreamcast and Shenmue 1 & 2) sales on Ebay.

Yu Suzuki would very much like to have Shenmue 1 & 2 released possibly in HD on consoles & PC, either as digital downloads or hard copies, that new gamer’s and die-hard fans can experience Shenmue  in it’s entirety.Shenmue One and Two

Whenever I talk to the fans especially the older generation. It might just be because of nostalgia or just fan loyalty to Sega and the Dreamcast, the DC has always come-up trumps being one of most respected and innovated consoles to come out for it’s time and in history, that set new president in “Home Entertainment Systems“.

In the-late 90’s and early 2000 well…. Reception depending if you were fan of Sega and the Dreamcast or Sony fan-boy comes across as mixed bag of sentiments.

What I am trying to say is if you are hard-core DC fan it’s hard to put into words just how frustrating it was that the Sega Dreamcast was being shelved and no more games would be made for the console. I think the Dreamcast only had like 2 year run for it’s time.

sega add onsIncredibly short, you could put this down to the hype of the PS2 and new DVD technology and Sega over stretching it’s resource’s eg: In “Hardware” consumers had no real interest in such “Add-Ons” for the “16-BIT Mega-Drive & the Sega Saturn“.

The Sega Saturn which is basically super “2D” console basically Mega-Drive on steroids but was later forced to run in 3D. This only came about because Sega realized what the PS1 was capable in hardware which meant they could focus on games created in “3D”.Sega Saturn

Due to the ever changing shift in technology and what consumer wanted and the growing interest in “3D” games at this point time in 90’s. Which cost Sega dearly this was basically the first stepping stone that lead to the downfall of Sega from the “Home Entertainment System Market”.

Sega Dreamcast was basically a last ditch effort by Sega to try and regain control of the console market and with a hardcore development team like “AM2” and “Sonic Team” that made such awesome games you would think it would have been safe bet this never materialized well into console’s sold and in profit’s for Sega.

It was truly mind blowing shock for Sega Fans… The Sega Dreamcast was so far ahead of anything for it’s time in technological and graphical terms and the ever in-pending “PS2” looming on the horizon consumer’s were more than happy to wait-out for the “PS2”.Sega Dreamcast

I remember this quite well back then we never had social networking sites as we do now in late 90’s early 2000. Gaming politics and flame wars were done on the school playground.

The amount of arguments I would get into how Dreamcast is a must have console somewhere and some how this worked against Sega and the Dreamcast and everyone got into there head’s the Playstation 2 would be far superior console but also being the cheapest DVD player on the market it was hopeless time for Sega and the DC.

I miss those early day’s of my gaming life manage to get A* for media assignment: Gaming Related Magazine I created which also featured Shenmue 2 Fun times 🙂 check it out below, my spelling pretty awful back then still is now but meh to the grammar Nazi’s!!!

Total Games Front CoverTotal Games ContentsFinal Fantasy X Part ONeFinal Fantasy X Part TwoMetal Gear Solid 2 Part OneMetal Gar Solid 2 Part TwoTotal Games Shenmue 2 Page OneTotal Games Shenmue 2 Page 2dead or alive 3Buffy The Vampire SlayerTotal games Cheat Page OneTotal Games Cheats Page TwoTotal Games Phone PrizesTotal Games Next IssueLan Di Back-Cover

Being honest and to be frank I did not get “PS2” because I was so resentful that it killed any chances of the games I wanted to play on DC in the coming future and thought at the time PS2 was actually inferior to the DC in many way’s such as no anti-aliasing.

Dreamcast games that were ported to “PS2” just looked terrible in comparison then to add-icing on the cake! Shenmue 3 left forever pending state until 2015 with the announcement at E3 Game Show.

Mega Drive What I find interesting about Sega they have still managed to stay relevant. Might not believe this but Sega console “The Master System 3” is actually one of the most popular console’s in Brazil in 2015.

There was sharp spike in “3rd party mega drive re-hashes” over the Christmas period last year apparently like 400% increase in sales.


Now here we are in 2015 “Shenmue 3” crowd-funded in record breaking time there’s a on-going petition for a successor to the Dreamcast or maybe even (Dreamcast 2).

Think about it for a moment… Imagine there was Dreamcast 2 successor you could also play Shenmue 3 on. These are long odds and we all know what Sega can be like when it comes to it’s fan base and business decisions it would just be a dream come true for many Sega fans.

I guess one of the awesome things about being a gamer and fan if you are passionate believe in something you work hard, you never know that one day that dream might also come true.

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