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Welcome to the Official Shenmue 500K Campaign.

A friendly and lively new reboot.


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Message from the Founder of the Shenmue500K Campaign

(3rd time lucky Shenmue500K group)

This will be the 3rd big group set up for the Shenmue500K campaign, so perhaps it will be 3rd time lucky? Having made the original two groups, I find some have been “Sub-Zeroed” out of the campaign and alienated.

The aim was and will always remain to be, to include EVERYONE.


We aim to make this an open and friendly group where everyone can join and post. Regardless of personal differences, everyone should work together and be able to work together for the good of the series and the Shenmue community.


The only main rule, is to leave out any animosity and bad vibes.

To carry on the good vibes and positivity of the Shenmue 3 campaign as a whole, is our main aim.


There is an open view on posts to the group, as long as they’re Shenmue or SEGA related.

But it is important to mention, that any spam, bullying, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.


So, please enjoy the new group and feel free to post as much, or as little as you wish. Our other campaign links are here to be tagged and shared and we can freely share everyone’s content on these also.

To find out more on why it’s been decided to make the

(3rd Time Lucky Super Shenmue500K Group)

Please Read The Truth Will Set You Free Article (Click Here) 

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