Problem over what is Official?

A friendly reminder, that our Twitter is in fact the ONLY OFFICIAL Shenmue 500K.




The main account @Shenmue500K, in excess of 30, 000 followers, only follows a select few accounts. And our backup page @Shen500K_, follows back all fans and friends of the campaign.
All geared to sharing and promoting Shenmue content on a targeted level. All of which, all on the biggest Shenmue related page on Twitter BY FAR.


With notice to the unofficial Shenmue 500K page and another known as team yuan, There have been numerous unfounded allegations, claiming our efforts, notably these Twitter pages to be fake. This is indeed FALSE.


Ok, so I would rather be doing a lot of other things than having to type this article, so as to help protect a lot of our hard work. This in the face of numerous, cowardly allegations from a once ally I shall only name as team yuan. Him among other community members, I once thought a great deal of. Now sadly, we feel pretty betrayed, and that is choosing our words nicely.


We shall not get into mud slinging, but the other page circulating on Twitter claiming to be 500k, is 100% unofficial. We shall hesitate to call it fake, as it still represents some of the fans within our old group.


However, we shall NOT be accused of being ‘fakes’ ourselves when we have only ever had the best intentions regarding the campaign. And especially when we OURSELVES created the damn thing from the very beginning.


Well before certain Johnny come lately’s decided to give any notice. And much of what we have ever done on social media, way before the likes of “team yuan” and “stain”, even showed interest, was to help the game alone. Not for personal gain. Not for publicity and fan fare and not for ill judged bragging rights.


And now this particular lot aim to bully a few of us out of the campaign we contributed years of our lives to. And with the help of the many so called respected pages they hide behind, they still maliciously continue to try and provoke us. They can all get stuffed.


If some of these “undesirables” were to leave us alone, then we would be more than happy to return the favour. Whereas to say there is no love lost, would be the understatement of the century.
BUT the most important thing is and always has been, the fan community. Surely even these morons can understand this small fact?


Rather than petty squabbling back and forth, our focus, whether some of us can get along or not, has to be only on helping the game the best we can. We do not think that these certain individuals concerned, again, understand this importance.


Having worked so hard over many years, ALL OF US!


It is beyond a joke for any of us fans to be trading venom, when ALL of our attention should be on helping Shenmue 3 and Shenmue HD. I and I know some of the team alongside me, have no further appetite for this toxic bickering. So to end things, on my part, I shall try and make this the last response regarding the fake owners of 500K. This article shall be pinned to our pages and help some fans make their own minds up.


Whereas we would like someone to be reprimanded Officially over this, we understand it is way beyond unrealistic. So we will just keep plugging away and hopefully we can change the minds of certain fans who have been lied to about our running of the campaign.


As we shall state again, we encourage the use of ALL resources within the Shenmue campaign. No one has the right to syphon off quality contributors to themselves and label others as unworthy. This campaign and indeed all campaigns of this ilk, are for EVERYONE, not just a select few. These “others” can do as they wish now as we have no time whatsoever for any of them.


And regardless of what some may claim, even those who on the face of it, may seem respectable, the intentions of ourselves, have only ever been good. And if we were as malicious as these morons were and are claiming, we could do a LOT to cause them trouble.


BUT we choose not to. Firstly, because the fan community deserves better than that and secondly because we ourselves are better than that.


Sadly, a few toxic individuals have gone out of their way to try and bully us into giving away a lot of years of hard work, involving the Shenmue 500K and wider Shenmue 3 campaign. Our stance shall remain the same, even in the face of a very bullying type atmosphere.


And I shall finish by stating, I am not going down the avenue of interviews to ‘clear our name’ as firstly, I do not want to damage the community and secondly have nothing to prove to myself. I wish well those who cannot see our side of the story, as we can clearly see, this is a pretty awkward situation.


Indeed one, we would’ve rather NEVER happened in the first place. But when some are so keen to label you and tarnish your name and your hard work, you HAVE to respond. Whether people listen, whether people believe you is of no consequence. But to say at least “I tried”.


This fan community remain one of the very best and it has been a pleasure to have been a small part of such a monumental achievement by the fanbase.


I have to be truly honest and admit, I didn’t think the third game was ever going to happen. More of a defiant, determined attitude, rather than genuine belief. The HD releases on the other hand were always far more achievable, in my opinion.


But all of this is still a truly amazing achievement, which shouldn’t be downgraded by anyone. And it yet again proves, NEVER underestimate a determined mindset.


So to all fans concerned, reading this article, please remain open minded. We shall remain firm in our stance, that we encourage ALL FANS to use ALL the resources available.


We have nothing to hide, we cannot say the same for others…



(ಠ▂ಠ,) @DeathWishRyo – Andy Stinton (original founder of the Shenmue 500K campaign)




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