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Who are we?


This is a little space on the internet where fans all over the world gather every day to talk and share their love for the Shenmue video game series.

We campaign for the awareness of the Shenmue franchise on the third of every month on Twitter using the hash tag: #SaveShenmue to attract the attention of Sega and third party developers so as to encourage Shenmue III to be made. We are a very passionate bunch so feel free to unsubscribe from notifications if needed.


How can I support ?


By sharing our links, retweeting us on Twitter and if you wish by making a fan video.
Any efforts with our links are put into our playlist!
We are trying to get as many members as possible to put positive pressure on Sega and other game developers (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc) to release Shenmue III.
The series sold well in excess of 1 million copies, so the fans ARE out there, we just need to find them.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

As always, remember to keep your mind as clear as a polished mirror, and keep finding sailors! 🙂


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