Dreamcast Reloaded: Sega Multi-Purpose Proposal

Shenmue HD gets featured in a fan Multi-Purpose Proposal

Part of Dreamcast Reloaded campaign in their quest for their own Sega Dreams.

Multi-Purpose Proposal was voted on by Dreamcast Reloaded members and myself.

Do not expect Dreamcast 2 or a Console at this stage, this will be part next proposal once we are ready to announce something.

The Multi Part Proposal: Will contain games and idea’s from Dreamcast Reloaded members and to allow fans their own shot their Sega Dreams.

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What the movement is about?

 Rebuilt out of the ashes of Project Dream

Not the best situation but this time you will be given a chance to opt-in and join a better fan movement with a new direction the project should go in.

After seeing first hand the excitement and numbers we have gathered for the Dreamcast 2 console petition page which stands at: 32K followers

Remember to sign up here to show support:

We have decided to keep this ongoing we did run into internal disputes and issues but we feel we have finally gotten things back on track.

We are still looking into how to make the Dreamcast 2 console a reality.

I don’t think anyone would be happy if we just stopped trying.

People never stopped believing in Shenmue 3 so I don’t see how this any different.

The Proposal (Completed) – Needs translated into Japanese please get in touch?

The main goal is simple to get in front of Sega with a multi-part proposal on behalf of the fans.

You are probably thinking what is a multi-part proposal?

Basically it means we are going to take what you the fans want from Sega and approach them with the ideas.

This could involve asking Sega for:



Skies of Arcadia 2

Sonic Adventure 3

Bring back SegaNet

Shenmue HD

Jet Set Radio 3

Saturn Games to Steam & Consoles

This means you will get your chance as fan to have influence in what goes into the proposal.

Statement from admin Bertie Wiseman:

“I plan on seeing this campaign through to the end until we get something in front of Sega no matter what, I feel we owe the fans closure to this campaign. I trust everyone we have selected for Dreamcast Reloaded.”

Looking for someone translate this into Japanese please get in touch?

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