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Clearing up matters regarding Shenmue500K and misinformation about people claiming there is fake news being spread by certain individuals from the Shenmue500K Facebook group & TeamYu campaign and anyone backing these trouble makers.

We need to protect authenticity of the campaign people are spreading misinformation and creating white–noise to undermine Shenmue500k campaign it’s come to a breaking point where it needs to be put right.

We feel it’s about time things are out in the open we don’t see why some should suffer and sacrifice their roles, just to keep things civil. We have played fair for too long, because of that things have escalated to such levels of accusing others of being fakes and holding grudges.

I have kept quiet for many years over the drama that has gone down in order to promote the game as best as I saw fit, but now I see my good name is being dragged into the mud with accusations. So I have written this up to explain in “great detail” what really goes on behind these gaming campaigns.

To be frank, there is no fake news or hacking websites! either from me or anyone that I am connected too. We are all in this to make sure Shenmue 3 is funded, to ensure it’s done in the best way possible by promoting the game to ensure we all get the game we all want.

We do that collectively with collaboration from all, this is exactly the intention of the website I have built and showing the amazing wider community and they’re achievements.

I find it extremely hard to believe this website is damaging or worsening communities this goes completely in the wrong direction I aimed to achieve with it! This website will always be a “news-hub” for people who do not take part on social media activities to get access quickly to the best of the community and also showing off my own Shenmue contributions as well.

This is done through supporting Shenmue fans efforts for example: “Art work, Graphics, Videos, Interviews, Articles, Col-plays” and many other ways fans can express themselves.

It’s important they all have multiple-platforms to do just that, a few select individuals are trying to undermine other Shenmue fans efforts and damaging the credibility of them in order to make themselves look like “The Official Guys” to get Shenmue news from hence why I have coined the term “Shenmueologists” this is no different to what Hawas and his banned of “Egyptologist” have done to cover-up the true events of Pyramids by trying cover-up where to get actual Shenmue news from for their own self-gains.

Example: This one message that was sent to another which came from one of the administrators namely “Aaron Barstow” from Shenmue500K group is this anyway how you treat other fans? I think not!



The group cannot deny any of this happened at Shenmue500K and Shenmuedojo all agree this is what has been said to a respected and well known Shenmue fan, they might try and sway this and say this should be kept in Shenmue community as dirty secret that should not be talked about openly.


I say differently about time they are exposed.


I feel it’s time to shut this kind of abuse down for good exposed the culprits behind it, it’s gone on long enough this should finally set things right.


Please strongly disagree if this how others should be treated?


This is partly why “TeamYu” has been removed off my website as a partner and namely as contributor. Since March TeamYu successfully managed to persuade Shenmue fans and campaigners to block me on Twitter. Because of that we are distancing ourselves from such vile acts of cruelty they have unleashed on certain Shenmue fans and banning them for having set of different views and not being able to express themselves on the main Shenmue500K Facebook Group.

I would recommend asking TeamYu founder “James Hamill” how and why he is supporting this person behind the most vile-message and what he is doing to ensure it never happens again?

TeamYu is a full supporter of this individual “Aaron Barstow” for attacking Shenmue fans they have also used their influence to make others in the wider community to block “Me” namely on Twitter when all I have done is shown 100% commitment in promoting the wider community and promoting they’re (blogs and video’s, art work and music and anything else in between) I have kept quiet all this time and kept a low-profile over the undermining because I am better than to get caught-up in petty feuds.

I just want to express my Shenmue fandom like the next fan help others to as well who find it hard to voice themselves. I urge-administrators at the Shenmue500K group stop carrying on with this nonsense, leave people alone. Individuals have reached out to me saying they have been removed and banned from the main Shenmue500K group for being critical on how they are handling things and blocked from following certain Twitter accounts. Using their influence and encouraging others to block them as well. Namely on word and mouth with no hard evidence where it’s coming from and by whom.

So far I have not seen any evidence as to why I should be treated differently however one person who seems to carry on this nonsense is namely “James Hamill from TeamYu”. What proof do you have that I hold some kind of “grudge” or “harming the communities”? – This very website is proof in itself how much respect I have for the wider community and all it’s “fan/partner contributions”.

Please do not deny any of this I have seen for myself you talking about “ex-members causing trouble” which directly means you are talking about the “two ex-admins at Shenmue500K” group which are namely me and Andy Stinton.

It pains me deeply someone I once looked upon as an equal would rather care more about the bragging rights to Shenmue 3 which is the only way anyone can see it.

This is why all this drama is happening you don’t see me caring about my website not being linked up on but you guys seem to be drunk on power and your over inflated ego’s and self-importance looking like saviors. This is no Flash Gordon Sci-Fi action film. We are not Saving a Universe or Saving a World for that matter if anything but “a selfish desire to make a game a reality.”

Word has got to me the administrators at the Shenmue500K Group are harassing members and being abusive.

Being a former member of the group, I understand all too well…  I was removed from the main Shenmue500K group soon after announcement of Shenmue 3 at the E3 game show back 2015. Did I vent my voice or scream or make scene about it no.

I worked hard on my own efforts and made a difference now I have my own group gained over 3000 members with Dreamcast Reloaded – “Helping to make Sega Dreams a Reality” I built them members up in less than 6 months I might add it’s been going strong since for about a year now.


Guess what?  “No drama or acting like children we are a forward thinking group helping fans to make a difference and make even more Sega Dreams come true”.


At the moment we are currently promoting fan project the “Spartan Console” and also working on getting a Fan Proposal sent to Sega with what games we would like to see from them and ShenmueHD is also part of the Multi Part Gaming Proposal.



Sega Spartan


Also being massive contributor for years and Admin at the group Shenmue500K I got the approval from the real Founder of Shenmue500K Andy Stinton to carry on promoting how I saw fit.

Maybe you should ask yourselves how come we have @shenmue500k Twitter account which is on “44K followers?” – It’s because Andy Stinton was behind the campaigns all along he’s got just as much of a right to the Official Name that is Shenmue500K.



Here is proof Andy being forced out from a campaign he started by Aaron Barstow


I just want to be clear on Andy Stinton contributions: He built up many groups across social media relating to Shenmue and many Sega campaigns even helped me out plenty of times with my own group maybe you should ask yourselves how come the main Shenmue500K Facebook group has so many members which was currently at 25K members back in 2015?

It’s because of Andy Stinton “Talents and Methods” that helped boost the groups to the level they are currently at, Aaron Barstow and James Hamill know this to be true they all used his methods to boost what ever they had in place as well.

What you should be asking is how come since 2015 the main group has lost over 500 members and has not done a single thing at promoting new comers to the group or for that matter…?

This website I have created has over 166 articles every article has links back to, that’s allot of Links promoting the game each article more or less has views of around 200 views and some up to 5000 views, so this website is making things worse is laughable, in fact it’s probably doing better job than most at promoting the Slacker Backer Campaign.

Normally I would be fine at promoting the main Shenmue500K Facebook group but being kicked-out back in 2015 and treated the way I have, decided to change gears and focus on promoting instead and fans contribution outside of the group this worked out well so far up and until now, where others are working hard to down play my own efforts and others for that matter.

Andy Stinton might not be as vocal as most fans, he works more behind the scenes than most but he deserves as much recognition for his efforts just as much as those who are linked in the community section because most members put in place at the main Shenmue500K group were built up by him.

I find it sad that two people at the main Shenmue500K group would treat someone who has probably done more for they’re own campaigns at building members for them only be tossed to the side once they are done and got what they wanted.

The way he’s been treated and down played by these individuals disgusts me, meeting Andy in person he is the nicest guy you could meet to be treated like this by someone should not really be a person representing Shenmue500K group. If you support this Aaron Barstow you are also supporting how he treats others how community group should be run.

Also because of the drama from the Shenmue500K group is why “Yu Suzuki” has changed the font round for Shenmue 3 he’s probably had enough of the drama it’s created because of the noise that keeps coming from the main Shenmue500K Facebook group personally I don’t blame him.

Yu Suzuki has said on record in KS update it’s the communities Logo: – “In other words its for all!” Not select individuals it just takes little reading between the lines to figure out why he’s done this.





Yu Suzuki on the title logo

“I really wanted to bring home the Shenmue logo because this belongs to all of you, and I know how passionate everyone feels about it.

As the result, I felt the design should come more from the heart.

So, with more than a bit of trepidation, I took brush to hand. I believe we have reached a design that will please, but let me know what you think!”


So blame “James Hamill” and “Aaron Barstow” for continuing the drama to allow this to happen making more noise than a baby that had it’s candy taken from it.

I find it ironic that James Hamill is even trying to run things under Shenmue500K seeing as he went is own way with TeamYu they care more about the bragging rights to Shenmue 3 it’s only way of looking at it and why there is so much noise and drama.

I have footer section on this very site showing  other Shenmue fans and partners they are not on community section, should we label them as fake news as well?

What has been happening on Twitter pointing people in the direction what is Official using the community section is sidelining other fans efforts, now they might get labelled as fake news because it’s not “Community Official Enough” from these guy who I label as (Shenmueologist).



They do not see it’s souring it for everyone and are “relentless and hell-bent and consumed on being looked at the “Official Fan Boys” who made Shenmue 3 happen.

Sorry to say “Aaron Barstow” and “James Hamill” but you are not as special as beautiful snowflake you are just the same decaying matter like everything else composite crap pile. – Fight Club  Reference!

People that knew me over the years I have always been a vocal member at shenue500K group until “Aaron Barstow” decided I needed to be removed back in 2015. This is why I cannot make posts or share articles at the group, again I repeat happened soon after E3 game show just because my website accidentally got linked-up at My website was completely fine with the community until – Aaron Barstow and James Hamill decided it wasn’t and went straight for bragging writes for Shenmue 3.

It was a win for everyone not just you two! You have acted and undermine efforts openly on Twitter how others are spreading fake news and saying others have grudges is simply not true!

You know what sad thing is? – “They have been relentless and acting like this since the announcement of “Shenmue 3” at “2015 E3 Game Show!” that is almost 3 years.”


They truly put a new definition on Crazy Shenmue fans you certainly win that title.


It’s not nice being stabbed in back by people you trusted respected believe me I saw James Hamill and Aaron Barstow as equals I never would have guessed at the time in 2015 they would act do what they did, I saw them as online friends within the Shenmue500K community yet they had no-trouble stabbing me in the back!

I felt betrayed by them which made me physically sick for about a week how they reacted treated me.

It was like all my Shenmue fan content and graphic work and articles creating motivational videos, did not matter at all, since then they have been relentless on playing me down at any opportunity they could find and Andy Stinton as well.

It’s a good thing others can see what you put in with your own efforts and people have noticed what I do outside of the group. I am not sure if I should be thankful for them removing me or not because its only allowed me to spread my wings even further beyond what was capable under these two guys.

However: I saw the website I put together and how important it is in showing the wider community and the amazing work the fans have contributed which is why I have kept the website going, it’s doing amazing job of that.


I would like to point out that I do not have problem with the contributions and efforts that has gone into James Hamill campaigns within Shenmue500K group or TeamYu.


However: It does not give him the power or the right to say things he’s been saying about other Shenmue fans, he holds no special place or authority the same goes for Aaron Barstow as well as anyone else who’s got a sense of grandeur/ self importance and think it’s fine to be condescending towards others  or standing by these two individuals and their campaigns… If you do, you also stand by them how they treat others – (check the wall text above for example clear indication how they really run things behind the scenes)

I am just pointing out how James Hamill and Aaron Barstow have made being Shenmue fan hell for some of us and alienated us for their own selfish gains.

Kicked up a massive emotional charged storm what is “Official!” and what is “Fake News” let’s be 100% clear where all this is coming from…



You! Not Us! but you “James Hamill” and “Aaron Barstow” and any administrators who take part in such acts to alienate others and destroying what it means to be a Shenmue fan you just coming across as butt hurt about everything.


This was written to clear-up anyone who has been left in the dark over the drama these two guys have created and also how I see it from my point of view. I had no intention on releasing this article it was a method of last resort to clear my name regarding matters on Twitter about “Fake News” and what should be considered “Official Shenmue News” and lies about “Holding Grudges” , which these two are quick to sideline when questioned about it, going to such lengths as to block people who disagree with them.

Regarding this website: I feel it needs to be done this way in order to make Shenmue 3 the game we all want. I will be dammed if I am going let these guys tell me what to do how I should do it.

This website has been up since 2015 it’s going to stay around for a long time coming.

We are very much aware how “Elitist things have become at the main Shenmue500K group” The Founder Andy Stinton has decided to start up a “New 3rd Facebook Group” that is freely accessible to share Shenmue content and to allow fans to voice themselves more freely.

No blocking fans or undermining them or asking 2 security questions or having posts approved, a new 3rd time lucky Super Shenmue500K group.

This is by no means a dig at the people who take part in the communities but the people who run them at the top! you have attacked me and what I do and how I go about it to me that is very serious, you have “used and abused community section” on to “alienate” and “silence” and “put down others” which is simply just wrong!.

This article was a last resort I never wanted to release it when others are more than happy to drag you’re good name in the mud which had knock-on-effect where others were blocking me from following them for no good reason because of these two individual trouble makers – I am mainly putting my finger on “James Hamill” I know he’s the one behind all this – I was left no other choice expose what he’s been doing.

He’s had no trouble trying to paint me as the villain.

It’s obvious he’s talking about us and what I do and also not linking back to stuff I have done clearly pointing where to get Official Shenmue News from – his wording and trying to be tactical and being clever in playing others campaign downs not doing it in such obvious way by not pointing as to where this fake news is coming from is a clear indication that people might see things differently, they have been using “Community Section on” to justify how they have been acting and doing fantastic job of abusing that section to justify their own actions.

So tell me James Hamill is this website fake news?

I hold my campaigns with the best of intentions and goals we have I will not allow certain individuals to sideline them or down play others or me personally or try talk on my behalf or put words in my mouth: – “I am capable of talking for myself this exactly why I have done this article too much has been said about me by certain trouble makers this my side of that story. You have taken advantage of my good nature and being civil about matters for too long but you have crossed a line this article is where it ends.”

If you follow James Hamill & Aaron Barstow campaigns please check the screenshot above namely the “Wall of Text” that is clear indication how they run things behind the scenes and how they really treat others – I would not wish that on my worse enemy.

Sorry to say “James Hamill” you left me no choice but to act and say the “Cold Hard Truth” – you can try hide much as you want and be clever about it, I am not afraid to say how it is…

Before you even think about telling the cold hard truth about me: – “Yes I do have weaknesses I am hard of hearing I have lost 90%  in both ears you try living you’re life in fear because you cannot hear cars behind you when go for a walk or try to engage in group talks or in bars on nights out that has seriously impacted my life in many ways you could not understand. Remember you guys have tried hard to alienate a disabled person who is vulnerable from the Shenmue500k community that should speak volumes. I do struggle with writing and grammar I am not perfect I do and try my best.”

Taking part in Shenmue campaigns and projects and updating this website has been my escape from reality for many years I just want you to think about that how you have treated me and anyone else.

Knowing you guys probably try mask this as me playing victim if that how you see it that’s on you just because I act strong take no shit from anyone is still no excuse what you guys have done to me.

Someone who suffers from sensory impairment I know all too well what it can be like – which is why I am always about building people-up not tearing people down and treating people with kindness how they would like to be treated to see their own potential how far they can push themselves to make sure they are the best person they can be in everything in what they do.

This has been my “motto” when managing members and the many talents within “Dreamcast Reloaded” campaign we do not suffer from same kind drama that keeps coming from you guys, hence why it’s been so successful and forward thinking at the end of the day it’s how you treat others that make things work not what benefit they bring you and how you down play them toss them aside once have used them.

Focus on you’re own achievements not other people or playing them down.

Anyway thank you all for reading this I hope this sets the record straight on recent events about “Fake News” and “Holding Grudges” and what should be considered “Official!” How far two fans will go to extraordinary lengths for the “Bragging rights to Shenmue 3” and what they will do to keep them and ruin it for other Shenmue fans.


They certainly put a hole new definition on Crazy Shenmue Fans don’t you think?


Please come and join the new “3rd Time Lucky Super Shenmue500K Facebook Group” try and see this as “Official New Reboot” separate what these two trouble makers have started who have done awesome job of alienating fans talking crap about them.


We are making sure it never happens again.




Bertie Wiseman

If you’ve had a “Shenmue experience you would like to share” a story even, maybe you have done Shenmue Art work or a Shenmue Fan Project you would like to promote, please get in contact with us via our form.

We love showing what the fans get up to and sharing their passion for Shenmue Saga.

In order for Shenmue 3 to be the best game we could want, remember to make a donation at Shenmue 3 website – ( If you missed out during KickStarter and it’s great way to show support and become part of gaming history.

There are still stretch goals to be reached.

Created this website for the Shenmue500K group but when Shenmue 3 Kickstarter happened… What other role it needed to play. This website will bring you all the latest (New,Updates and Interviews and maybe even odd article from myself). Regarding Shenmue 3 Development over the next 2 years.

Enjoy 😉

Bertie Wiseman

If you’ve had a “Shenmue experience you would like to share” a story even, maybe you have done Shenmue Art work or a Shenmue Fan Project you would like to promote, please get in contact with us via our form.

We love showing what the fans get up to and sharing their passion for Shenmue Saga.

In order for Shenmue 3 to be the best game we could want, remember to make a donation at Shenmue 3 website – ( If you missed out during KickStarter and it’s great way to show support and become part of gaming history.

There are still stretch goals to be reached.

Created this website for the Shenmue500K group but when Shenmue 3 Kickstarter happened… What other role it needed to play. This website will bring you all the latest (New,Updates and Interviews and maybe even odd article from myself). Regarding Shenmue 3 Development over the next 2 years.

Enjoy ;)

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