Soul Calibur VI developed using unreal engine 4

This might solely be a website all about Shenmue and anything Shenmue 3 related: I would like to remind you all that Soul Calibur 6 by Bandai Namco is also a game being made in ‘Unreal Engine 4’ just like Shenmue III.


Xianghua: favorite catch phrase "You thought this weapon was just a decoration" love this quote: you should never underestimate how calm person can be or they're abilities in the right hands they can destroy any foe. Bruce Lee once said be like water.

Bruce Lee once said be like water.


My favorite character is returning to Soul Calibur VI (Xianghua) also along with Kilik and Nightmare. I don’t know about you but for me it’s nostalgic feeling and reminder of my first time playing Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast I am so stoked and happy this game is coming out in 2018!!!


Visually this could be seen as early demo what kind of visuals we should expect graphically from Shenmue 3.


Soul Calibur VI is looking amazing!!!!

Xianghua Soul Calibur VI Screenshot

Stunning , thrilling, immersive, detailed visuals.


Soul Calibur VI: Kilik the same outfit he had on Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast - Nostalgia overload!!!

Soul Calibur VI: Kilik the same outfit he had on Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast – Nostalgia overload!!!


Knightmare - What a bad ass of a character.

Knightmare – What a bad ass of a character although looking slightly camp with that pink glow but each to they’re own.


Soul Calibur VI is looking stunning also many throwbacks in style and visual aesthetics to the first ‘Soul Calibur’ game that was featured the on the ‘Dreamcast in 1999’.


At the time of Soul Calibur release across all gaming review magazines and websites were rating Soul Calibur 10/10 across the aboard! Soul Calibur was considered the most perfect fighting game of all time, namely for Soul Calibur highly detailed next-gen visuals and dynamic fighting mechanics and varied fighting styles and characters, which was unprecedented for it’s time in early 2000.


Soul Calibur 6 just like Shenmue 3 are both games being developed in ‘Unreal Engine 4’ game engine. When you see visuals as good as this and what is visually possible using ‘Unreal Engine 4’ you can start to see why ‘Yu Suzuki’ decided to make Shenmue 3 using this gaming engine. Truly breath taking… stunning visuals, with artistic touch and what can be accomplished in Unreal Engine 4.


Latest screenshots of Shenmue 3 courtesy of Cédric Biscay, Yu Suzuki-san game developed in the Unreal Engine 4.  


New Models of Shenhua Ryo Hazuki


Shenmue 3 Harbor Port


Shenmue 3 Official Wall Paper


We might of only seen a few recently new screenshots of Shenmue 3 – (Soon we will be seeing more Shenmue III footage at Magic Monaco on 24th February) I also like to think that other games like Soul Calibur VI are good examples: what we can expect visually from Shenmue 3 – Also what can be done with fighting elements and dynamics and mechanisms which are capable in Unreal Engine 4.


2018 should be a blast gaming wise it’s certainly going to be memorable year for gaming: certainly reminder and nostalgic trip down memory lane for all of us seeing games we love and feel passionate about brought to life using latest in gaming technology.


Both games first being released on the Dreamcast also returning for die-hard fans of both game series – Almost a dream come true for many fans such as myself who are into fighting games.


If you are fan of both games what is your favorite character and most fond memory playing Soul Calibur?

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