The return of that Ren, a grimy new in-game environment and a newly refined Lan Di model (February 19th)

Three screenshots have been revealed of Shenmue III’s development and they are all incredibly encouraging.

We now see a much more detailed and refined version of the Lan Di model and just the back of Ren, but the detail is all spot on.

Lan Di Screenshot Magic Monaco Press Conference 2019

Again, we have another, perhaps THE most impressive so far of the environment shots.

The level of detail is insane and it gives off the grimy vibes of Shenmue II’s Kowloon.

We see toy capsule machines appearing within the pic and it’s clear to see, that the same qualities have been retained for the third game in the series. 

(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo 

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