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Shenmue500K website can now be downloaded and installed as an APP on the Google Play Store.


It’s now even easier to keep track of all the latest Shenmue News and regarding Shenmue 3 updates and the many contributions from the Shenmue communities as well.



If you got something to say or would like to submit either an article or fan project relating to Shenmue or Shenmue 3, maybe you just want to voice yourself about being awesome fan.


Please use this APP to get in touch with us.


This is all about being a Shenmue fan which is why we have done this APP to make it more accessible and easy to share fan content we are not bias as long as it related to Shenmue in some way and the content is good enough we happy to share fan contribution and giving you a platform to do just that.


I hope you enjoy and use this APP, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make this work for you guys.


Enjoy 🙂

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