Concerns and Considerations about Shenmue III

We are fast approaching 2018, Shenmue 3 scheduled for release for last half of that year with that in mind – we have to be real how the ‘Gaming Press at large’ will react to Shenmue III once it’s ready for the final release. Especially when Shenmue III will be reviewed for the first time how this effect success of the game or make it a mass flop and tarnish future installments.


I am writing this up so these concerns are addressed and taken seriously: I think it makes more sense for Shenmue III to be released in a “Polished-State” and not fit a “timed-deadline” release window.


If Shenmue 3 does not live up to scratch “Game Reviewers” can tank a game future prospects and the reputation of those who made it more easily today with metric scores and fans writing their own personal reviews on the game – I cannot stress enough how important this aspect is for Shenmue 3 success.


The latest Kick-Starter Update: We have only just found out after two years in development that Yu Suzuki-san has decided to ‘out source’ part of the game to include possibly over 200 or more – (Non role playing characters : AKA NPC’s). Also the latest teaser build we have been shown at Gamecom 2017  gaming event which also introduced us to the Gaming Publisher ‘Deep Silver’ the game footage reveal came off slightly premature. Having fantastic environments and locations. On the flip side – The two main characters having no facial animation came off jarring it has been noted: – The current 3D models of Shenhua and Ryo Hazuki are not the final and are still being revised. As much as we want to see the main protagonist’s: “Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua” during the teaser reveal trailer was taken by many gamers as the definitive versions.


Ryo Hazuki could give Lan Di a run for his money for the cold stare competition don’t you think?


The way the reveal “Proto-Build” trailer was handled in my personal opinion came off half-baked – Also a new generation of self entitled millennials gamers who are more focused “Computer Game Graphics” having been spoiled with AAA Game titles, they came down hard on Shenmue 3 because of that factor. The environment on the other hand were a complete different story all together, highly praised visuals, stunning atmosphere and finally feeling like the Shenmue 3 game we always dreamed of seeing after waiting anxiously for 18 years.


We cannot have repeat on reception at Gamescom: I hope with future “Game Show Events” such as the up and coming Anime and Gaming event hosted by CÉDRIC BISCAY – Magic Monaco which will be held on 24th February 2018 in Nice which is a City in France – you will need to sign up to Magic website (Click Here) if you would like to attend. Hopefully this event will surely put Shenmue 3 back in a positive light and have some ‘Draw Dropping Moments’ we have been dying to see.




The none role playing characters have been out sourced to a Studio in India (Lakshya Digital) who have positive track record on working other gaming titles such as – Bloodborne, Just Cause 3, WWE 2K16, Uncharted 2, Farmville and Cityville.



I do have some concerns over the amount NPC’S that will be used for example another game that had ridiculous amount of “Non-Role-Playing Characters” and being Open World which was “Assassins Creed Trinity” set during the French Revolution also features buggy and broken parts in the game. Due to the over populated and over use of none role playing characters caused massive amounts of stress to the CPU. Assassins Creed Trinity ended-up being taking off Steam it was shockingly broken – I am just using this as extreme example when things can go wrong when games are released too early when there is clear indications it should of been held back before release.


None Playing Characters  – NPC Overload!!!


Some of the bugs in the game you can find due to the broken release. Do you think he is eye balling her 😉


Shenmue I and Shenmue II are great games because how interactive the NPC’s are and the many conversations you can have with them and the side-quest’s they open up. Also you can follow them around as they live out their daily lives, some times you might unexpectedly get into other interactions for example QTE cut scenes or end up having a brawl with a bunch of thugs this is the kind detail which enriched Shenmue Saga which never had been done before for it’s time and to boot they are fully voiced characters as well.


Who Remembers Track Suit Chen?


None Role Playing Characters Going about they’re daily lives.


Nozomi checking up on Mimi


It’s incredible Yu Suzuki-san managed to do this monumental feat including so many interactive characters way back 1999 on the Dreamcast but the difference is… Yu Suzuki-san is not working on his own Pre-Built Game Engine he designed from the ground up – which was specifically and uniquely made just for Shenmue games.

The Game Engine they are using to build Shenmue 3 is an industry standard which is “Unreal Engine 4″ honestly not sure how flexible this engine will be when it comes NPC processing.” on a positive note we have seen a fighting game recently showing capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 in Soul Calibur 6 which will be released in 2018 on PS4,XBOX ONE, STEAM – If Shenmue III can have such stunning fighting mechanics and character models and visuals then I am positive Shenmue 3 will live up to the same technical standard as Soul Calibur 6 – All is looking promising for future for Shennmue 3.


Soul Calibur 6 – Unreal Engine 4 Game coming 2018


Seeing Shenmue III is also coming to PS4 and PC this means more work will be needed to be done for both versions to be ironed-out. I think it was mentioned CÉDRIC BISCAY will be over looking the PC release for Shenmue 3. However it is only speculation on my half they really need to decide if it’s better to release best version early on or wait until both are polished games. Multi-Platforms can cause many issues but seeing the architecture for PS4 and PC is not that different this might not be much of a problem.


Game Reviewer’s and Game Patches/ Updates

I cannot stress enough how important it is for Shenmue 3 to be released a polished game and not need so many updates/patches to fix issues.

Games can live and die on gaming reviews: I have seen this happen many times, especially with Mighty Number 9 – I am sure Deep Silver do not want a repeat of that situation. Another example is “Doom” having poorly optimised multi-player experience on release and No Man Sky” also having many issues and allot patches/updates to fix them – The gaming titles are good examples of bad practices when releasing a game prematurely and too early and how gaming reviews drastically tanked them into oblivion.

If Shenmue 3 is going to have it’s best shot it’s not summer holiday releases or competitors or timely released date windows – More importantly it’s what people are saying about the game, word and mouth – You get this right then world is your oyster

Shenmue 3 was going to have release window of 2 years only to be extended another year, in this case it’s rather different situation because now development time has been extended which means more resources will go into expanding Shenmue III. The new time extension is not meant for trouble shooting problems or debugging – This time extension will mainly be used to make Shenmue III a richer experience and expand on the Shenmue III universe If this means more delays then I am fine with it.

There is more weight and burden on releasing a broken game,  you don’t see this kind of practice from Nintendo which is why they are the best in the gaming industry.


The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto said it best.


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