Shenmue I & II for Consoles and Steam


What we know so far about Shenmue I & II Re-Masters…


Is that it will be released at some point later on during the year 2018 with – ‘Updated user Interface’ a ‘Choice of Modern or Classic Controls’ including ‘Japanese and English Audio – available for the first time for a global audience’ plus ‘Fully Scalable Screen Resolutions’ the game will have sub-titles in these languages:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese


All this information can also be found on steam Shenmue I-II page store.


Shenmue Remasters in HD additional Game features on Stea

Shenmue Remasters in HD additional Game features on Steam.


Will include little “Homage” to the original games and Achievements will also be released with a retail price of £29.99.


The UK Developer “D3t” will be handling sourcing the games to Consoles and PC.

That’s all we know so far right?


What we can tell this will most likely be the most awesome ‘definitive experience’ of Shenmue to ever come out!


Ryo Hazuki Taking on dobuita gang Shenmue Remaster 2018

Ryo Hazuki taking on dobuita gang Shenmue Remaster 2018.


The new release will most likely stay true to the original games, the physical copies of Shenmue games which will be able to pick-up in game stores and for digital downloads for pre-ordering very soon later on during the year..!


I would say all this is great news however I do have one problem… hopefully this might get addressed sorted out seeing the game is being sourced correctly not emulated this will be done by the UK Games company known as D3T from main source-code of the game, this will be new chance to maybe add more audio or subtitled language options to the game.


D3T have responded about including additional language support check the tweet below…



I think fans from Brazil and Mexicans and the Spanish would go even more crazy if there was language option in “Spanish and Portuguese” in the latest additions of the Shenmue re-masters.




Additional Promotional Material directly from Sega sourced from Seganerds Article.

Shenmue Remasters Logo Title 2018 Shenmue Remasters New Logo Title X-Box ON:E Shenmue Remasters 2018 PS4 Shenmue Masters 2018 XBOX ONE Shenmue Masters 2018


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