What’s TeamShenmue?


So, What’s #TeamShenmue👊?

Well, it’s like other Shenmue hashtags, but this time with Mr. Yukawa running away at incredible speed, towards actually trending.

#TeamShenmue👊 is a new hashtag day every 9th of every month, designed to promote and drive everything and anything Shenmue related, within the community.

With the main aims so far being, Shenmue III on multiple platforms, a 1&2 HD collection and more mainstream popularity.

Here are the details of the monthly event, for those interested.



Date: Every 9th of every month
Time: From 00:00 on-wards, flexible

Hashtag to tweet: ➡ #TeamShenmue👊
Tweeting from      ➡ @TeamShenmue
Retweeting from  ➡ @TeamShenmueRT

Retweets: Up until the end of the 9th




Being a major player, organiser and mastermind behind tweetathons of the past, we have key experience to know how best these events work.

And we also like to think, we have learned from mistakes made in the past by some. So hopefully, we can get this hashtag to really take off in the way we intend and help the game the best way we can.

We see multiple platforms being the best chance Shenmue has of being a commercial mainstream success.

This is not taking anything away from the PlayStation 4 and PC versions which we know will be successful, even if not commercially so. But if we take the original Xbox version of Shenmue II as an example, it’s likely sales could mirror that, if not careful.

So logically speaking, multiple platforms make the most sense, in pushing what is seen as a niche video game series. This very opinion is also backed up by big Youtubers such as Adam Koralik, of Figure It Out Productions.

It is also relevant to say, as well, that with the sales benefits of multiple platforms, it is important more gamers get to experience the Shenmue series. Especially Xbox gamers.

There is an Xbox community of Shenmue fans who regularly get forgotten about, when we hear PlayStation this, PlayStation that. And with Shenmue II being a legacy title and no SEGA console on the horizon, the Xbox is the only hardware link to previous games, still going strong.

A 1&2 HD collection is greatly needed to introduce new fans to the series.It is THE link to the previous games that newcomers to the series will NEED, one way or another.

Even with liking the Shenmue Movie and so on, this won’t suffice with the third game. The HD releases of both Shenmue games are NEEDED badly, though at this point in time, it seems a long way off.

And mainstream popularity or at least a wider knowledge, is important in the series going forward with further installments. The more gamers who like or have heard of the series, is vital to keeping it in the headlines and seeing the further games we all want.

With notice to what some may say, #TeamShenmue👊 is designed to be a positive collaborative experience, for all who take part.

We do not wish to discourage fans taking part in other events, nor do we agree with making fans block other ones for their own gain. Or for that matter, going out of your way to sow bad vibes and toxicity, which we all strongly disagree with.

We’ll just let others argue between themselves, as we go forward in further galvanising an already brilliant fan community. One that we had a massive part in creating and helping, in the first place.

There will be extremely heavy promotion each month for #TeamShenmue👊 on selected tweets, pushing them up to 200+ retweets. The idea being for a more targeted, efficient event than Shenmue tweetathons of the past.

More targeted and efficient, less spam orientated and back patting and more focussed on getting actual results. Less harassing and more respectful and co-ordinated.

As we like to think, that being respectful can play a massive key in getting the results we all want. And this monthly retweet promotion will be organic, no paid for retweets or spam bots, as has been done in the past.


Here are the details of the monthly event, for those interested.

Mark from Shenmue Work Colleague

For the last time Mark, it’s on the bleeding 9th.



Date: Every 9th of every month
Time: From 00:00 on-wards, flexible

Hashtag to tweet: ➡ #TeamShenmue👊
Tweeting from      ➡ @TeamShenmue
Retweeting from  ➡ @TeamShenmueRT
Retweets: Up until the end of the 9th




All retweets from anyone who has tweeted #TeamShenmue👊 will appear on @TeamShenmueRT.
We would like to expand and similarly regrann the hashtag on Instagram. Although this may be harder in the short term. But it is something we intend on doing, once fans start to tag us with the hashtag on Instagram.

There is a lot more security measures and restrictions in certain ways, on Instagram, but it can still be done.
And the important thing is to do it right.


And as previously said, selected tweets will be promoted 200+ every month on the 9th. With potential retweets and further interest, it would be more than possible to even top 300 retweets sometimes.

And select tweets will also make it to the ONLY Official Twitter feed @Shenmue500K_, with nearly 45k in followers and our other big related accounts. This will be a nice way to kind of, reward fans for taking part and more importantly, help the cause and spread our message.


There will also likely be a regular Thunderclap for the event, in the not too distant future. All designed to help further spread the word and support the event in the best and most effective possible way.


So Bro, are you #TeamShenmue👊?

If so, prepare yourselves for some ass kicking Hazuki action, every 9th of the month.

@DeathWishRyo (ಠ▂ಠ,)


Ryo Hazuki Will have his Revenge

We will have our revenge…

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