Why Shenmue I & II Deserve HD Remasters or Native Ports by (Ben Plato)

Why Shenmue I & II deserve HD Remasters or Native Ports


Firstly, Shenmue was released exclusively on the Dreamcast by Sega in which at the time Yu Suzuki was at Sega’s AM2 department. Sega wanted Suzuki to build a killer title which resulted in Shenmue then Shenmue 2.

The Dreamcast fell to it’s feet in 2001 when then Sega President Peter Moore made a business decision to stop production of the Dreamcast and it’s games.

As were all aware, Shenmue 2 ended in a cliff hanger, in fact one the biggest if not the biggest in video game history.

Various emulator projects such as NullDC and Demul can emulate most Dreamcast games on a reasonably powered PC with HD scaling and widescreen with extra geometry but not perfectly. Basically emulation is not good enough and we want something native to it’s hardware.

At E3 in 2010 Sega announced that Dreamcast titles will soon be available on XBLA and PSN.

This resulted in Sonic and Crazy Taxi as the first digitally downloadable Dreamcast ports then followed by a stunning HD port by Blitworks Studio  Jet Set Radio.


Why Shenmue HD Ports need to happen

Most of us are aware and understand that Shenmue 3 probably wont go into production at least not in the distant future unless it finds a publisher willing to fund the game in exchange for an exclusive. Shenmue 3 just cant happen if HD ports or remakes of the first 2 aren’t done.


Our Dreamcasts are broken

Let it be known, for a lot of us, our Dreamcast gaming rigs are broken, burnt out lasers from playing pirated games due to the scarcity of finding original games at good prices, burnt out power supplies or just a downright noisy console that’s loud  enough to wake up our girlfriends and wives whilst we try and get some Shenmue into our blood before going off to bed.

All of this is caused from the console and new official parts no longer being available on the market today in 2014, 14 years after the consoles initial release.


Time to bring Shenmue 1&2 to a new home

It only makes sense that Shenmue 1&2 get ported onto a new console such as the Playstation 4. At the moment, we have Shenmue split onto 2 different consoles, the Xbox and the Dreamcast. Shenmue is just beautiful in it’s own way.

It set a precedent, a new standard for many games today which still have failed to reach Shenmue’s benchmark. The awesome, powerful and emotion filled music, the gameplay, the story, there’s just too much to mention.

The game is perfect in many ways to compete in today’s market or even as a niche classic downloadable collectors series.

There’s a large amount of fans right across the world that will pay a decent dollar to have the games either digitally or both on the one platform being Playstation or any other current console.

We’ve campaigned relentlessly for ports and part 3 and as it stands now, we think there’s a hot chance that Sony’s Third Party Production Team will snap up Shenmue and bring it onto one of Sony’s platforms.


Theres a lot of passion for Shenmue out there, we must see it on a modern console for the very first time and to play it today in HD would be an absolute blessing

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