Yin and Yang ☯ Follow the whole trail to reveal the truth.


Message from the Shenmue500K Founder Andy Stinton.

Like a Yin and Yang, there are always two halves, two sides, a dark and a light, to every story.


Now this will be my only article on this subject, but I shall do this, to finally draw a line under the Shenmue 500K Officialdom dispute.


You may have heard conflicting articles of “Fake News” and so called ex-members out to ’cause trouble’. For all those that do genuinely care about a balanced response, well here it is.


The dispute started within the Facebook group, myself and Bertie were admins. I the founder of the Shenmue 500K  campaign and Bertie who is our site owner was another admin on the group. At different times, we were both thrown out of the group and alienated.


And don’t think it stops with us, MANY other genuine fans have had the same experience and continue to do so. This is the main reason we have built up a new 3rd Shenmue fan group representing Shenmue 500K.



Shenmue500K New 3rd Time Lucky Facebook Group

Shenmue500K New 3rd Time Lucky Facebook Group – Will eventually Dwarf the second Shenmue500K Group – in 2018.


One time having been back at the Shenmue Group as a Facebook admin, I could’ve taken entire control again, but chose not to. You could question whether this was a mistake. But I still believe that I tried to do the right thing, by not forcibly gaining control. Even though I do despise the two mainly responsible, they do have a place in that group, the same way we all do.


Bertie, our website owner and co-content creator, was shut out in 2015, around the time of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announcement. From then on the three toxic individuals involved, have excelled themselves in trying to “shut us down”. And even stooping to a new low recently, by trying to get respected community members to block us. Is this the behaviour of fans who have the best interests at heart? I think not.


The only reason for mine and Bertie’s article is to bring forward facts. The same facts the other side will not even discuss.


Note: If you try to bring the dispute up with them, you will be blocked by them. To fans who are only asking questions. Nice eh? For an example of this, try asking PanzDragWorld, a fan who runs a Panzer Dragoon revival campaign. He was only commenting about all this dispute, being of no help. And he was blocked for absolutely no justifiable reason. How the hell some of those people have ANY Official status is quite laughable honestly.


These are infact the ONLY Official links from the campaign. And please “follow the trail” within our Youtube account, which spans back before the tweetathons and those accounts even existed. In fact the campaign was started so long ago, it is difficult to remember.

I do remember being at college at the time, I made the original Facebook group, so 2004-2005 sounds about right. And this is a good number of years before many others decided to join.



We are all #TeamShenmue👊


#Shenmue500K #Shenmue #シェンムー



To clear things up, it is indeed true, that the group they use (the trouble makers), is Official. But so is the old and the new one, we have been forced to set up. Just because they have it linked to the Official website, they’ve been using this as unfair leverage for some time. Notice they do not mention that our website run by Bertie ( originally we did go under but had to change due to financial reasons, the website has been put up and taken down from the site twice. Once under and secondly, Good old Ambassador “Yang”.


Ali Novin the other Shenmueologists Crazy Shenmue Fan Traitor



Here are the links as evidence:

Old group was called: Shenmue 3 Target 500 000 Members!!!

Now called: SEGA Classics


* Group encountered issues at around 5k and so we later made a new group. This group was later converted to a SEGA related group, when it was made defunct.


Group Shenmue 500K – defunct

Link: https:/

* This group was made using the campaign I had set up. We contributed in to adding a good 10-15k fans (at the very least).


New Group Shenmue 500K (rebooted) 



* New final reboot group made within the last few weeks, as a a retalliatory response to numerous childish provocations. A new inclusive, better and more creative group for EVERYONE. It will be the larger and more effective group come 2018…


If you want to truly “follow the trail” then please check who the official Yu Suzuki, Shenmue 3 and YS Net accounts, actually follow on Twitter. Notice no follow for “Sham500k” who accuse our Twitter page (the one that has been going on under many guises for about 8 years+) as fake. What a joke. Also please notice how “Team Yuan” forget to mention how their backup account with nearly 10k was boosted by myself, to help their efforts.


And also see the ambassador “Yang” whose bigger account of about 2k, I passed a very long time ago as a nice gesture. The same Ambassador “Yang” who feels it is ok to talk bad about me and my seriously ill Mother. The same Mother who rarely leaves the house because of how ill she is. I had Bertie to thank for showing me, just what a nasty bunch of people some of them were. Truly disgusted.


I find the trouble makers use of the page, a rather low blow, considering I and Bertie had no say in what links were added. People abusing their power has sadly, been a bit of a stain on the movement, behind the scenes. Surely if you are only out to encourage people to take sides you are not only fighting a losing argument, but you also have something to hide?


On the otherhand, this article is designed as a retalliation to various threats and jibes over a sustained period of years. We are not after anyone taking sides, just setting things STRAIGHT. We have remained polite, fair and tried to keep quiet for the good of the community. But all it did was further the cause of the three troublemakers. This in hindsight, was a MISTAKE.


I shall avoid naming people, but rest assured regarding these three ‘fans’, you very well know who you are and you very well, know it is YOU who is in the wrong. Getting various GENUINE fans who we greatly respect, to block us on Twitter, is an absolute insult and yet more pitiful behaviour from so called ‘fans’. Fans that we helped a great deal and had NO issue with (beforehand), yet they spit in our faces as thanks. Those are sadly a few of the people that exist within the admin structure of that group, we no longer use. An obvious reason as to why we cannot and will refuse to work with those at the top. But it is a great relief that they are only a mere dot on what is a great fan community and something it has been a pleasure to be a part of. Three to maybe six people is nothing, out of tens of thousands who made the real difference. So all in all, the relevance of those six was little to none, in the scheme of things.



The Kickstarter was surreal and at the time didn’t feel real, like daydreaming. And for me, any bitterness I and others do have, I feel is justified. One of the happiest moments ever around that time, soured by a few really odious, spiteful idiots.



To these trouble makers:
If you think we will take this lying down and just roll over, you can forget it.
The same iron will and determination that formed the backbone of the Shenmue 500K campaign, will now be used, to further galvanise and improve an already brilliant fan community.


People like us, are fighters and if you cannot kill us, you shall only make us stronger. We never encouraged or encourage, fans to block other fans, or avoid certain pages. This is even in the regard, if we actively despise certain people, like YOU three.


EVERY fan has played their part and has a place within the campaign though. And so it is one of the funny contradictions of “Team Yuan” and “Sham500k” that they say unity, when in fact it is more disunity.

It is not YOU who gets to tell fans what they can and can not do. It is not YOU who gets to tell us what we can do. You think we should stay in our place, well know YOURS.


If anyone in the fan community deserves credit for Shenmue 3, it would be the likes of Shenmue Dojo, Shenmue Master, Shenmue UK, the sites and fans who were here, even before us. The likes of Ziming on the Dojo Youtube, who were unfairly targeted, with complete lack of tact or respect.


Sure every person does things they’re not proud of, but that message was beyond abusive and if living locally, would have been a police matter. If anyone deserves credit in the community, it is the ones who do not shout about their efforts or showboat. They just stubbornly drive forward in helping the community. The same way, I liked to think we tried to do at Shenmue 500K.


And by the way, we were not perfect, we started off in earlier tweets and efforts, with a more comic combative approach towards SEGA. This same approach still continuing with the tweetathons today, does not help SEGA, or how the Shenmue community is seen.


It only stops other SEGA fans from being heard and also verges on the ungrateful and in the selfish child category. We were lucky to achieve the goal we had all hoped for, now some high up in the community need to show some damn humility and respect.


SEGA are listening and from the likes of SEGA Forever have really softened their community stance. Shenmue HD is not happening because SEGA cannot be arsed, more because there are many BIG obstacles in the way. Remember, we have SEGA to thank for letting Yu Suzuki use the license for Shenmue 3.


But it still feels like some people just do not get it.


If you send angry messages to SEGA, please remember that we have THEM to thank, for Shenmue in the first place. Shenmue is almost a celebration of everything SEGA, so we need to start to be less harassing and more humorous.


And by the way, regarding disputes on not letting fans use the Twitter page collaboratively. I was MORE than open to letting the 500K admins use and positively post on the page. But, sadly with much proof, we were unable to fully trust that the page would be kept in safe hands.With the three individuals concerned, it would’ve been used as a major tool in “shutting us down”.


With all the work put into the Twitter page, we’d be very down, if it was stolen and used to spread the same misinformation that they have been trying to do on “Team Yuan” and “Sham500k”. You could say this collaboration has happened on the Facebook group and will in turn continue to happen on our new one and our new Facebook page. For certain fans in the old admin structure, you are more than welcome to post on our Facebook page outlet.


Just Message Us: But as you might be able to understand, this is the real reason why the Twitter collab, on a bigger scale, was a no go. On the individuals I shall call “Team Yuan”, “Stain” and “Yang”.


Firstly, I may extremely dislike the individuals who have stirred a whole heap of trouble. But I do respect the work they put in, to helping us all achieve the goal we set out for. It is just now, rather pitiful how these so called ‘fans’, have now resorted to trying to tarnish our credibility and some of the major building blocks of the Shenmue 500K campaign. They have alienated MANY fans and they are a DISGRACE to the campaign and the entire Shenmue and SEGA community.


The likes of Tony Ranger who was one of the original members of 500K when we first started off. Eventually, he and others, after great contributions, left entirely. And why did they leave “Stain” This is the kind of stuff that was out of order, alienating genuine die-hard fans, because you can’t share your toys. Simple as that.


It is said, that in any campaign of this sort, you will always encounter trouble makers and perhaps I should’ve taken more notice in this regard. Perhaps a naivety set in and wanting to see the good in people was badly misjudged. Sadly, I held a bit too much respect for these three people at one time. And they all turned into snakes. All forgetting that without every one of us, every single fan, NOTHING would have been acheived. Maybe it is egos that get in the way in the end, maybe that is what it is.


I and others do not regret the time put into past tweetathons and helping with the people involved. I still respect the achievements and what we all did, but can not and will not “give over” our hard work. Not for anyone.


Yes I am a fanboy and a proud one. Shenmue and SEGA have been a massive part of my life, a retreat from the stresses and difficulties that occur. Some of the best experiences I have ever had are from these two things and I shall not have my enjoyment soured. I shall not see others enjoyment soured, by the malicious actions of a few egotistical IDIOTS.


I ask certain fans within the community, to not take sides and remain neutral. Feel free to use all the links and not feel like you have to take sides. The community should be for all not just some.


To certain respected sites, it is your duty as elder statesmen of the Shenmue community, to remain neutral. You have a responsibilty to be fair and to not alienate and divide. When you do this you only encourage the same negativity and animosity that you are, I assume, trying to avoid.


Please see the content from our links and these articles and tell us, how we are destroying things. All we do is for the best interests of Shenmue 500K. To call us and the campaign fake, is to ignore the real fakes hiding within your midst. If you want evidence of real fake news, look no further than the ones accusing us.



#TeamShenmue👊 is the hashtag that we will be using from now on.

There is a hashtag event that will happen every month on the 9th and it will be a more relaxed version of the tweetathon that we started all those years ago.


You can use the hashtag #TeamShenmue👊 to get promoted on all our major networks. This includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This will translate into shares and retweets of your content, no matter how big or small, your following is.

We do not discriminate and we just want to try and help the fan community the best that we possibly can. Shenmue 500K, the rebooted group, you can find here.




Shenmue500K New 3rd Time Lucky Facebook Group



A new soon to be, bigger, better, more creative and more inclusive group. With a no block policy, encouraging and not excluding fans. Building up fans and not breaking them down. Aspiring to improve, rather than settling for what we have. Onwards and upwards and a big thank you to all who helped with Shenmue 500K along the way. Some seem to forget that without everyone, we would be no one. We must remember, that we are all #TeamShenmue👊



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