#YouaskYu Redo & New Reward

Yu-san sends a big thanks for all of your questions at #YouaskYu. Lots of game insights and good laughs await below!

But first, there is a new reward up for grabs. Your name will be turned into Chinese characters (if you don’t already have them!) to be the official signage for a local street vendor in Choubu.


name a vendor



NAME A VENDOR – $4,500 Get to name a street vendor in the Choubu area. Once Yu Suzuki approves your name, it will become vendor’s sign in Chinese and English. Could you be the next Bob or Tom? RYO VOICE MESSAGE BY COREY MARSHALL Reward included. Limit 10.


#YouaskYu – July 11 Redo 


Q.Would you consider adding a dating mini game with Nozomi as a reward?


A. I would like to make it with separate budget, like 2M? (ha ha)

Q. Considering how the Twitch video helped raise funds, are you willing to do another one before the Kickstarter ends?


A. I would like to do Twitch or Reddit session again.

Q. What is your worst fear when making a game?



A. Creating new elements. Telling whether it will be effective is always difficult. If the results were better than expected, then I could enhance it by simplifying it. If the results are not there, I need to think how to add on to it.

Q. Will Shenmue 3 start in the cave? I want the satisfaction of leaving it myself! don’t skip the moment!



A. I am thinking either from Shenhua’s house, or the road leading up to Bailu Village.

Q. Ryo’s jacket looks too neat and tidy, will it be changed to look closer to Shenmue 1 & 2? I’m thinking the same.


A. I want it to be more worn out and fits more to Ryo. Brand new jacket doesn’t fit.

Q. Is it possible to maybe play darts & other mini games online against fellow Shenmue fans in Shenmue 3?


A. It’s one of the things I want to do, but we can’t do it all, so still thinking.

Q. Who would win in a race, Hang-On motorcycle vs. Out Run car?


A. Definitely the bike. He can’t lose to some joyrider with a girl in the passenger seat. -Or- The one who does not get caught by police.

Q. What is your favorite Japanese food/dish to eat?


A. Sushi.

Q. If all goes to plan when will we see first gameplay footage of Shenmue 3?


A. The footage of final version will come out sometime in 2017.

Q. Will Shenmue 3 have controller support? I can’t play with the keyboard and need a console controller to game on pc.



A. I’m still thinking about what would be the best.

Q. What will be in the art book? Will it be art just from Shenmue III, or will it be art from all the Shenmue games?


A. I’m want to hear requests and comments from you about what we will include.

Q. Any chance to see Hamtaro as a cameo in Shenmue 3? :3



Q. Will you draw new trailer for help the KS?


A. Yes we are planning to publish it. Please check our KS page frequently.

Q. Did you base any of the Shenmue characters on people you knew in real life?


A. Some of the characters are based on the staff, like Takimoto-san, Takeuchi-san, Hirai-san and Miyawaki-san.

Q. Did any specific martial arts movies inspire you when creating the Shenmue story?


A. Yes. Of course others like books on Chinese martial arts, like Jackie Chen and Bruce Lee. I watch Hong Kong kung-fu movies often. The good parts and the bad from Hong Kong B movies were the most helpful. Jackie and Bruce Lee get very complicated with their moves and it is hard to break them down.

Q. I am really happy to see you will be able to call older characters on the phone. Will Ryo be able to call Goro?


A. I like Goro, but I don’t know how popular he is among the fans…

Q. Will we be seeing the classic QTE style return with the flashing icons?


A. Yes I would like to implement it. I want it to have more style than Shenmue 1 and 2.

Q. If you could create a spin-off game based around a character other than Ryo, who would you choose?


A. I think it will be Ren. Story where he grow from a rogue to a head of the HK Heavens. Then his fate changed by Ryo completely.

Q. Please explain the High Ground Battle System stretch goal for #Shenmue3.


A. It enables Ryo to have more interaction with his surroundings to enhance the Battle system. It will be fun to increase the reaction chains.

Q. Hiroshi Fujioka (Iwao Hazuki) was all up for Shenmue City. Will he be back? I would love to see him again.


A. He sent me Fujioka-brand Coffee recently.

Q. Would you consider cel shading ONLY for the characters (Ico/Sotc/Last Guardian) to make it look closer to the artwork?


A. To express the nostalgia from S1 and S2, I’m not planning to use it.

Q. Where does your interest in Chinese culture come from?


A. It’s the romance of Chinese martial arts and Chinese history I feel.

Q. Why are Niao Sun’s breasts are so large?


A. 98cm. You do the math. Q. Is it safe to assume that the CGI renders from Shenmue 1/2 are the intended final look for the character models? A. The models will have better quality than Shenmue 2.

Q. Could DLC be provided for Shenmue III? Any plan for additional contents after the release ?


A. It’s under consideration.

Q. Any chance of seeing a playable Virtua Fighter arcade machine in Shenmue 3?


A. Shenmue starts around 1986 where full-polygon games do not exist, so what should I do…?

Q. Sometimes are you not annoyed that the interest of your fans mainly concerns Shenmue, to the detriment of your other work?


A. I don’t get annoyed, but I would like to hear questions about my other games as well. Before this KS, 80% of questions were Shenmue, 10% were Virtua Fighter, and my other games got 10%.

Q. What are the 3 wishes in the $1400 tier?


A. It’s not decided, but the current plan is “strength”, “more money”, and “be popular with girls.” It’s the wishes of you backers, not Ryo.

Q. If the funding does not make $9M in 8 days, will we see a part time job anyway?


A. Even if the funding does not reach $9M there will be part time jobs. How many there will be is still a secret.

Q. Will Ryo shoot fireballs in Shenmue 3 like he did in the trailer of Shenmue Online?


A. In Shenmue 3, I want the scenario to allow characters to use more realistic moves.

Q. Except from cows, cats, dogs, birds, fish, what new animals can we expect in Shenmue 3?


A. There are scenes set in Chinese mountain roads, so I want to have animals that fits the scene. It will be a spoiler if I go further.

Q. Why did you consider using Unreal Engine 4 instead of other middleware (Unity for example)? What were the criteria?


A. It was the color. I believe UE4 could express the “Shenmue color”. Atmosphere, the humidity, a world with “smell.”

Q. Yu, if Ryo was based on Akira was Lan Di based roughly on Lau Chan?


A. Lan Di uses the same martial arts Lau, but the character and the background setting are very different.

Q. Since the hardware is different, the data will not be transferable, but I was wondering if moves like the Brawling Uppercut will be back? I am so excited for Shenmue 3!”


A. I want to consider implementing the Brawling Uppercut and Tornado Kick in Shenmue 3.

Q. I really love Shenmue, but really suck at games. I got through II because of the variable difficulty “rescue mode.” Will III have something similar?


A. Definitely yes. I want everyone, including new players to enjoy it. So I will implement a variable difficulty system in S3.

Q. In chapter one, was there a picture of Ryo in his school uniform? Have you considered a flashback scene from his school days?


A. I really want to see Ryo in his school uniform!

Q. From your games, which character… a) would you want to be friends with? b) do you want as your girlfriend? c) do you totally hate? Please tell!”


A. I can’t tell you, my wife won’t be happy if I did.

Q. With the phone card, will you be able to call Nozomi many times and have different conversations?


A. She will hate you if you call too many times.

 Q. Will you have a presentation at the Tokyo Game Show?


A. This year’s TGS, is still undecided.

Q. Suzuki San any details on the Magic Maze?


A. Magic Maze is a technology to auto-generate maze. If this is reached, we will have large forest area, and many events and elements along with it.

Q. At the inn for Shenmue 3, will Ryo and Shenhua be sleeping in the same room?



A. It depends on the vacancy of Bailu Village Inn.

Q. Have you seen this incredible tribute yet? Please enjoy, from you devoted, loving fanbase.


A. I would like to thank all the fans. I will do my best to meet the fans’ expectation, regardless of the budget and create a great game.

Q. The part when Ryo goes to Guilin got super interesting! Thanks! Will Ren make an appearance this time?”


A. Yes, he will. I’m thinking about how to give him a cool intro.

Q. Will I be able to follow people all around the villages?


A. I will talk to Hirai about it.

Q. Will all Shenmue 3 staff be based in Japan or will you outsource to stretch the budget?


A. Japan will be the main location for development.

Q. Why were the Bailu stretch goals the last stretch goals?


A. Many of the new challenges in S3 are in Baisha. As a result the focus was put there.

Q. Would you like to make new games for arcade machines?


A. Yes. Arcade machines have their own intrinsic qualities. I want to make something that utilizes holographic imaging.

 Q. Will we see Fuku-san again? Does he become a martial arts master?


A. Look forward to his appearances in the telephone calls.

Q. Even if the Kickstarter finishes around the 5 Million mark, will we still have Bailu, Baisha and Choubu in the game?


A. Yes they will be in the game.

Q. Had Ryo been loved much to girls in Yokosuka high school? Or shoe box was full of love letter?


A. I don’t think so. He was not supposed to be like that.

Q. What is your favorite programming language?


A. I think C Sharp is a good one among the recent languages.

Q. With QTE being overused in games now, often badly without deep thoughts, how will you approach this in Shenmue 3?


A. I want to make a streamlined, Shenmue unique QTE.

Q. How did Ryo get a Sega Saturn in 1986? Does he have time powers?


A. That’s a secret.

Q. Will you do any crowdfunding in Japan? I am worried about having to make foreign transactions.


A. Our homepage has a Kickstarter “how to” in Japanese. If you send us a message in Japanese on the Kickstarter page, we will answer in Japanese.

Q. Any plans of a Shenmue TV drama once maybe the full story is revealed in the games?


A. I look forward to your support!

Q. I love Shenmue’s story and look, but love the BGM the best. Will there be a special CD like the jukebox from Chapter 1?


A. The original soundtrack in $250 tier will have memorable tracks from Shenmue 1 and 2.


問:望恋愛シミュレーションゲームをリワードとして追加できますか。 答:2ミリオンくらいかけて別の予算でしっかりと作りたいですね。笑

問:ツイッチの動画のおかげで資金が向上したので、またやると思いますか。 答:ツイッチやりたいです。レディットもやりたいです。





問:Hang-OnのオートバイかOut Runの車がレースしたら、どれが勝ちますか。 答:バイクです。隣に女を乗せてヘラヘラしている奴に負けるわけにいかないでしょう。

問:好みの日本食はなんですか。 答:寿司です。

問:計画通りで進められたら、S3のプレー動画はいつごろ出るでしょうか。 答:ファイナルに近いものは、2017年に入ってからになります。

問:PC版はコントローラーをサポートしますか。 答:どの形がもっとも適しているかを検討中です。



問:KSのために新しいゲームトレーラーをつくりますか。  答:はい。供給予定です。ときどきKSページをチェックしにきてください。

問:シェンムーのキャラクターを知り合いに基づいて作りましたか。 答:何人かのキャラクターは実際に関わった十数人のスタッフはシェンムーに加わっています。今回のインタビューに加わった、滝本さん、竹内さん、宮脇さん、平井さんなども出ています。




問:もしシェンムーのキャラクターに基づいたスピンオフ・ゲームを作られたら、涼以外にどれのキャラクターにしますか。答:レンでしょうね。 レンで、一介の不良から香港のヘヴンズの親玉にのし上がりって、涼と出会い、人生が変わって行きます。




問:なぜ中国に興味を持っていますか。答:中国拳法や中国の歴史にロマンを感じるからです。 問:なぜ鳥隼のおっぱいはあんなにでかいのですか。答:98センチです。


問:S3にはDLCを提供することは可能でしょうか。答:ただいま検討中です。 問:ヴァーチャーファイターのミニゲームがS3に出る可能性はありますか。答:シェンムーは、1986年がスタートなので、フルポリゴンのゲームがまだ生まれてない時代ですからどうしたらいいかなぁ~



問:あと8日で9Mに達しない場合、バイトは登場しないのですか? 答:達しない場合でもアルバイトは入ります。何個入るかは秘密です。






問:シェンムーが大好きなのですがゲームが大変下手です…。そんな自分がⅡまで無事にクリアできたのは失敗するごとに難易度が下がる救済措置のお陰でした。シェンムーⅢも救済措置は採用いただけるでしょうか?(どうかお願いします…!!) 答:絶対やります!シェンムーを知らない初めての方でも遊んで頂ける様に今回も初心者のための難易度調整プログラムは採用します。


問:シェンムーキャラまたは鈴木さんが手がけたゲームのキャラの中で・友達になりたいキャラ・彼女にしたいキャラ・実は嫌いなキャラを教えてください。答:家内が怖くて言えません。 問:テレホンカードで望に何回も電話をかけて色々な会話をすることはできますか?答:それは嫌われます。


問:鈴木さん、Magic Mazeに関してもう少し教えて下さい。面白そうだと思います。答:マジックメイズは、メイズを自動生成する技術です。これが実現すると広大な森などが表現できます。このフィールドを使った色々な遊びやイベントが可能になります。

問:シェンムー3の宿屋では、涼とシェンファは同じ部屋に泊まるのですか? 答:鳥舞旅社の空き室の状況によります。

問:熱心なファンが作ったこのビデオはご覧になりましたか? 答:皆さんの想いに心から感謝します。皆さんの想いに少しでも応えられるようにどのようなバジェットになろうと最大限努力し良いゲームを作ります。

問:シェンムー2で涼が桂林に行くとき面白くなってきたぜ…。と言っていた刃武鷹(レンウーイン)はシェンムー3で再び出ますか? 答:でます!面白い登場を考えています。

問:プレイヤーは村人の後をつけ回すことができますか? 答:平井に相談してみますね。

問:S3の開発スタッフは日本がメインですか?それとも予算を削減するために海外へアウトソースしますか? 答:日本がメインです。

問:なぜ白鹿村が最後のストレッチゴールだったのですか。 答:今回、新しい試みの多くはバイシャにあるので、バイシャに重点を置いた結果です。

問:アーケード筐体向けの新しいゲームを作りたいと思っていますか? 答:します。アーケードはアーケードの良さがあるので、ホログラッフィックを使ったゲームを作りたいです。

問:福さんがまた登場しますか?彼が拳法の達人として登場したりしますか。 答:電話での登場を楽しみにしてください。

問:もしKSが5M付近で終了した場合でも白鹿村や白沙、鳥舞はゲームに登場するのですか。 答:登場します。ストレッチゴールはそれぞれのエリアの拡張をするという意味です。

問:涼は横須賀時代、高校で女子にもてていたのでしょうか?下駄箱にラブレターが詰まっていたとか? 答:ないと思います。ない設定です。

問:鈴木さんのお気に入りのプログラミング言語はなんですか? 答:最近の言語だとC#が良い言語だと思います。

問:今やQTEは過剰なまでに、時には深い考えの無いまま使われていますが、S3ではこれに対してどのようにアプローチしますか? 答:シェンムーにフォーカスした効果的なQTEを作りたいと思います。

問:涼はどうやってセガサターンを1986年に手に入れたのですか?彼はタイムトラベルの能力でもあるのですか? 答:それは秘密です。

問:日本でクラウドファンディング(makuakeさん等などで)の支援の募集はしないのでしょうか。海外とのやりとりは不安なので・・・。 答:公式ページに日本語でのキックスターター解説を用意しましたのでこちらを確認ください。KSメッセージにも日本語対応スタッフがありますのでよろしくおねがいします。

問:ストーリーが全て終わった後シェンムーのTVドラマの計画はありますか? 答:もし良いお話がありましたらよろしくおねがいします。

問:シェンムーのストーリー、外観もといBGMがとても大好きでした。一章のようにjukebox見たく特典CDなどお考えですか?  答:250ドルリワードにあるオリジナルサウンドトラックにシェンムーⅠとⅡで使用した懐かしの曲を入れる予定です。

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