Yu Suzuki & Cédric Biscay – Interviews

Gaming Press Interview with Yu Suzuki highlights


Not allowed to talk about Shenmue HD Remasters.

Shenmue 3 will not be the last in the series most likely end on a cliff hanger.

Would like to show more on the new build of Shenmue III progress and development.

The promotional teaser that was shown at the crazy time conference at Magic Monaco 2018 is not a true reflection of current build of Shenmue III would like to show footage in the future of the current development as soon as possible. 

Gameblog  – Interview with Yu Suzuki


” Gameblog: What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered during the development of Shenmue III so far?


Yu Suzuki: In my opinion, the biggest challenge is translating what I want to do and explaining it exactly to my team. This is a difficulty that can be encountered anytime, but it’s really complicated for me. 

For example, if I want to integrate the perfect punch into the game (it mimics the movement of a punch), it’s hard to describe it to someone else. For example, one will ask me the speed of the punch. When you eat and you find that it is not salty enough, if you are asked how many grams of salt are missing, it’s hard to say. 

All the nuances and specifics that make Shenmue is Shenmue can not be described as features, it’s more complicated than that.”

Gaming Flag – Interview with Yu Suzuki


“GamersFlag: Suzuki-san , hello. First question: Is not the fact that Shenmue III took so long to be done, in the end, a chance to make a game that stands out more than if it had been done in the wake of the second episode?


Yu Suzuki: The fact that we have access to new technologies and techniques is an evolution that brings a necessary adaptation time to master these new tools. We do not know if this will be the case, but if we then embark on a Shenmue IV , this adaptation time will not exist.

Gameblog  – Interview with Cédric Biscay


GamerBlog: Is not it a bit frustrating to have Yu Suzuki at MAGIC, with a playable and advanced version of Shenmue III , and not be able to show more to the audience?


Cédric Biscay: For me, it’s not frustrating from a business point of view, because I know how things are done. But as a fan, I totally understand the reaction of other fans.

Another problem is that since I’m a real fan of Shenmue , when there are other real fans who come to see me, I say to myself ” I see things while they know nothing There are Kickstarter backers, there are players, and you want to show them things, but you can not because there are rules, a commercial process, there are things to validate.

is sure that as a fan I would like to share, but I understand that as a business, in video games, you have milestones and you can not show things anytime. Even lucky to have been able to show everything we’ve been able to show from the beginning – what we showed at MAGIC two years ago was still very much upstream.

Example, we try to show images, it’s not a normal communication, we try to show more things than others, because we have to show them.”


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